Investigative series: Arpita Das – Grades and the significance behind them

I am someone who would revolve my life around grades. No matter what I had to sacrifice, what mattered to me most was the numerical value upon completing any assignment or assessment. 

But, over the past year of high school, I’ve come to realize that maybe grades aren’t everything. Sure, it’s always key to do your best, but your grades aren’t always an accurate reflection of your capabilities within the broad spectrum of academics.

Each day starting Oct. 25, keep a lookout for a different story on the gravity that grades hold. 

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Grades are more than just an measurement of good or bad on the spectrum.

Arpita Das , Staff Writer

Grades: they’re all something high schoolers have to deal with. Homework and assessments along with GPAs and AP classes are all factors that determine the trajectory for our future, right? Wrong. Although they’re crucial, they go far beyond the information our brains are forced to exploit everyday.  The average person completes an education equivalent to about a decade during a life expectancy of ...

My numbers are no longer in control of me

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