Paige Jacobs creates life-long bonds and memories through dance


Sophomore Paige Jacobs (second from right) with a couple friends at a football game

Floating throughout the hallways of a hotel in Florida was a fit of hushed laughs and creativity bubbling out of FHC’s Varsity Dance Team. These are the bonding moments sophomore Paige Jacobs strives for.

“Last year [during] Nationals me and [senior] Megan Fox shared a room together,” Paige said, “and at night we would go out in the hallways of the hotel and we would make [up] dances and strut down the hallway, it was so funny. [A few days ago] she sent me the video we made, [which] was hilarious, so that is one of the memories I love.”

Even in a stressful time such as Nationals, Paige and her teammates still find ways to keep the experience light-hearted and memorable. Paige’s dance journey did not start on the school’s dance team though, her passion formed many years before.

At the young age of three, Paige started dancing and has not stopped since, but her connection with the sport has been altered since she started, and her passion for the art of dance has grown. 

“[Dance] was just a thing I did when I was young,” Paige said, “[but] when I [was] eleven or twelve I always wanted to be at the studio and I always wanted to improve. Now, I still have that passion, but it is a little different because I don’t have a studio [anymore], but I still feel the same way about being with the girls on the [FHC dance] team.”

Although Paige’s background in dance started in a studio, she has found a home on the dance team. When her studio shut down and she decided to try out for the school’s dance team, her perspective changed.

FHC Varsity Dance Team provided her with a positive space and the ability to enjoy the art of dancing to its fullest capability. 

“[The school dance team] is really different,” Paige said. “the girls and the coaches on the [school] team are so much more encouraging, and they really push [me] in a good way instead of tearing me down.”

The positive environment Paige has submerged herself in has allowed her to create long-lasting bonds within the team, and even outside of practice, the girls find time to get together and strengthen their connection.

The comradery between all the girls is not just a plus when it comes to the team, it also helps Paige stay in harmony with her teammates while they dance. 

The comradery between all the girls is not just a plus when it comes to the team, it also helps Paige stay in harmony with her teammates while they dance. ”

“For the first football game every season,” Paige said, “we do dance team sleepovers at [one of] the girl’s houses. It’s always super fun because everyone is new and we can all bond together instead of staying in little cliques; those are the best memories. [We also] have a dance team Thanksgiving [and] a Christmas party [where we can] all bond together, and I think that really helps the team when we have to do routines at competitions, [too].”

These group activities’ only purpose is not just for the girls to connect on a personal level, but also in preparation for when they will all have to compete together. Paige believes that when they all perform for assemblies and football games it helps her mentally and physically prepare for when competition season eventually arrives.

“I think [performing at assemblies and football games] is really good [for the team],” Paige said. “It gives [us] a feeling of what the competitions will be like. [We’re] in front of a big audience, and I think performing at games and assemblies is fun for the team just so we can reflect on how we perform together so we’re prepared for competition season.”

As Paige continues her journey on the dance team, she proceeds to create a multitude of long-lasting memories and life-long friendships. The team and the art of dance itself are what make her experience so unique and contribute to the memories she will continue to make.

Although joining the dance team during her first year of high school was intimidating, the welcoming community and bond Paige developed with the team were all worth it to her.

“I was nervous in the beginning [of my freshman year] because I felt like I was going to bring the team down,” Paige said, “but we all bonded and we were able to learn how [we each] dance and give good critiques without being too harsh. I think that [it] bonded the way we dance so that we could learn from each other. [During] my freshman year, I definitely looked up to all the older girls, and how they perform and [the] stories [they tell me] from their previous years on the team.”