Travel brings tranquility


A sunset photo on a plane ride to Amsterdam.

The exhilarating feeling when the plane lands, and the excitement while walking off. Everything about traveling reels me in and encapsulates me like an alluring temptation promising me memories and adventures. 

Traveling brings life and hope to the mundane monotony of my day-to-day life. I find refuge in crowded airports and fond bickering between families. It revives me from the tedious cadence of my life, a break from reality as if I’m finally being set free. The hours and days spent traveling and exploring are always worthy of the pedestal they stand on in my memories—all of the poor experiences wash away to make way for the ever-so-lovely trips.

Breathtaking views and picturesque scenery stain my mind and engulf it through the everlasting melodies of travel. Even with the stress of planning and the sorrow of departing, absolute bliss follows close behind. Tagging along and showing itself every once and a while reminds me to be appreciative of the small moments in life.

Breath-taking views and picturesque scenery stain my mind and engulf it through the everlasting melodies of travel.

Away from home is my safe place.

While that may seem strange to some, it feels perfectly normal to me. I find comfort in the foreign houses I stay in and the different people I see. Through the new delicacies and unique cultures, I find joy. My interest in language and culture started at a young age but is at its peak when I travel and experience all of the things I can usually only dream about.

It will ruin my peaceful ignorance if I am without an adventure or activity to subdue my brain from overthinking. My stubbornness to avoid thoughts of the future and the worries for my surrounding life leads me to new places and opportunities I never would’ve experienced before. Although my day-to-day life doesn’t have quite the adventure factor I wish it did, I still live vicariously through traveling and the brief snippets of a life I could one day have.

Without adventure and risk, there is no life to live. What have I accomplished if I don’t make the most out of my one shot? If I don’t take every opportunity thrown at me? If I don’t make the leap when given a chance? What is to come of me if I live my life tucked away in the shadows of my house when I could instead be out exploring the world? I would rather not know.

So instead, I cling on to my weeks of travels. I hold on to the sleepless nights, the jet lag, and the disappointment of leaving, but the memories will forever be imprinted in my brain.