Thank You, Mr. George…

For the sake of the holiday season, the staff of The Central Trend thought of the importance and appreciation we have for our adviser, Ken George. Below is a note from each member of TCT, individualizing the importance of Mr. George to each and every one of his staff members.


Kenneth George? Who is that? These were my thoughts as I looked at the final printed copy of my sophomore year schedule two and a half years ago, as it was changed abruptly and unknowingly, not allowing me to mentally prepare for the first day of school. I was confused, scared, and unprepared to go about my day, knowing that my plan for the first day of school, which I have practiced several times in my head, was disrupted. Today, I view this change and alteration in my sophomore year schedule as a blessing. The first time I walked into Room 139, I did not have a single clue as to how I would evolve as a student, writer, leader, and a person over the course of those next couple years. I wish I had more time in Room 139 because by the time I walk across that great, big stage to graduate in May, three years will not be enough time to learn both academically and ethically from Mr. George. A teacher, coach, and father, he is undeniably and undoubtedly someone who I aspire to be one day, and an even greater person to look up to. I could not be more thankful for the glitch in that schedule, as I would be a completely different person without it. The relationship I have with Mr. George is something truly special and one that I could never replace. I could go on, but no words could be more powerful than “Thank you, Mr. George.”

-Abby Scutch, Editor in Chief


Sentimentality is not always my strong suit, but I hope you know how much not only me but nearly every student graced by your classroom appreciates you. Teaching is not only about making sure each student learns the curriculum, and no one has shown me that like you have. No other teacher that I know not only learns every student’s name by the second day of class, but also gets to know every student personally, caring so deeply about each of them. But that’s not all. As a teacher, you find the right way to reach nearly every student. Learning journalism under you has proved an almost unrivaled educational experience for me. You know just how much independence to allow a student while still providing them enough aid and intervention to ensure their success. Many students come back to visit former teachers after they’ve graduated, or even while they’re still in the high school. And absolutely no other teacher in the school garners more visits from students than you do. Whether through your innovative teaching of 10th grade English, your guidance in FHC’s journalism program, or your dynastic coaching of FHC basketball, all of your pupils experience this calculated and caring instruction. On behalf of not only me, but every single one of your students, I’d like to say thank you.

-Jake Standerfer, Editor in Chief



Thank you for being one of the most amazing teachers I have ever had. You have made a connection with me that most teachers have not, and I will remember you for the rest of my life. We have always had a joking relationship that brightens my day every day. You have inspired me to strive for nothing but perfection, and to try to be a decent writer. You have taught me so much in the past two years, and I will will always remember how you believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. Your humor and your jokes will make me laugh no matter how bad they are. I will always remember how much 3rd hour Writing for Publication enjoyed you as a teacher, even though we may have made a burn book. Once again, thank you for being an amazing teacher, and I hope that you will never lose your unique teaching style because it has made English and writing so much better.

-Emma Beck, Staff Writer


My entire life, I’ve been Colson’s little sister or Scott Korpak’s daughter. When I first came to the high school, it was no different. The baseball coach knew who I was because of my family. The same with the Principal, Assistant Principals, many of the teachers, and even some of the students. But, I was happily surprised to find that to you didn’t see me as Colson’s little sister or Scott Korpak’s daughter. In your class, I’m Ashlyn Korpak, Staff Writer on The Central Trend, and one of your students. I’m my own person, and for that I am extremely grateful.

-Ashlyn Korpak, Staff Writer


I’m not going to lie. I had no idea who you were when I began Writing for Publication this year. I had never heard your name in the halls. I am glad that I have had to opportunity to get to know you, and for you to get to know me.  I have had very few teachers that genuinely care about their students, but teachers like you make it worth my time coming to school. I hate coming to school and going to a classroom where we are three months into the school year, and they still barely know our names. So thanks for not being one of those teachers. I really appreciate all of the opportunities you have given me this year.

-Alex VanElls, Staff Writer


On the first day of school, I had no idea what to expect when I walked into your room. You introduced yourself to the classroom full of teenage girls, and explained that there was no way you would be able to teach without getting to know us better, which is an experience I had never had with a teacher before. Abruptly, I learned that you not only cared about your students as people, but about how we learned and if we learned, rather than simply going through the motions of learning, taking a test, and hoping for the best. You brought together a group of crazy teenage girls and taught them how to be proud, and truly express themselves in a healthy, public way. Mr. George, I can never repay you for the lifelong lessons you have taught me, and for that, I’d like to say thank you.

-Maria Devroy, Staff Writer

Mr, George,

If I am being honest, when I began to think about what I wanted to say to you in this post, I was completely lost. Not because I didn’t know or didn’t have anything great to say about you, but more because there was so much to say and I didn’t know how to put it in the right words. The first time I ever even heard your name was at Connect Day in 8th grade. You called me out in front of the entire eighth grade class and told me that I had leadership qualities. The next time I met you was on the first day of school in my freshman year. You announced to our class that you couldn’t possibly teach a room full of students without knowing each of us individually. By the end of the week, you knew all of our names and something that we liked to do. Throughout the past year and couple months, I have really learned and gotten to know you better. I know that you like your room to be extremely cold, and that Biggby will always taste better than Starbucks. Not only that, I have learned that you are one in a million. You care about your students in a way that some teachers do not. You are genuine and care about the success of others, and for that, I want to thank you. Thank you for always pushing me to want to write better stories and for always caring about my ballet schedule. Thank you for being the amazing teacher that you are. You truly are the best.

-Payton Field, Public Relations Manager

Mr. George,

Thank you for being the best teacher I’ve ever had. From you coaching my baseball team years ago to me being on staff for the second year, I’ve been very lucky to experience the way you treat people, especially your students. I’ve never had a teacher that cared so much about making and maintaining a strong bond with students, and class with you has always been much more than just a class; I’ve had a truly great time throughout my TCT career so far, and that never would’ve happened under a different teacher. Thank you for making me a better writer and person, even through all of those WFP antics (Caturday… yikes). I’ve had you as a teacher throughout all of high school so far, and I fully intend on finishing my senior year as a member of staff. Thank you for always caring about your students, teaching us that Biggby is strongly addictive, taking care of the TCT family, and so much more. Thank you.

-Sam Noonan, Graphic Design

Mr. George,

You have been such an influential person on my life. You always listen to my problems and care about what I am telling you. I never imagined I would have a teacher like you, but here you are. I am so appreciative of everything you have done for me over the past year and a half, with more time to come. One of the perks of my week is bringing you coffee on Thursday mornings because I get to share my love for Biggby with you and make you happy. Thank you for teaching me some of the most valuable life lessons I will ever learn. Your relationships that you make with your students inspire me to be like that when I am a teacher someday. Thanks always.

-Madison Szczepanski, Staff Writer


I have started this and restarted this too many times to count. I’m the one that came up with the idea and I can’t even do it. No number of words can do this justice, or do you justice. You’ve done so much for me over the past year and a half, and I don’t think you’ve realized half of it. I lost one of the most influential people in my life this year, the person I looked up to, and the person that showed me right from wrong. You will never be my father, which is probably a good thing, but you’ve done an amazing job at making me feel important. From the moment I walked into your classroom, I have mattered. Regardless of my grades, my anxiety, my ability to remember the most insignificant details from English 10 literature in Room 139, I am important. I matter. I have a voice. A few moments ago I got a text from you with, “Not sure what TCT would do without you at this point,” embedded in it. Me? What about you? You were the one that believed in me. You were the one that said cut the crap, get up, and get it done. You were the one that told me to “freaking go.” Here I am. I freaking went and it’s all because of you. Thank you. Thank you so much.

 – Hannah Kos, Staff Writer

Mr. George, 

When you first met me, I was a very shy and quiet student. I think it is safe to say that now that is not the case. Thank you for helping me break out of my shell. I’m so incredibly grateful to have you as someone I could turn to during a challenging year for me last year. You helped me overcome many obstacles. I also wanted to thank you for sparking my interest into writing. I have always liked writing but you have helped me turn it into something I love. At first, the only reason I decided to take Writing for Publications was so that I could have you as a teacher again. Then, I actually enjoyed the class and the writing process. What do you know? I’m switched into TCT next semester. You’re welcome. I continue to be impressed as you learn theater terms so you can communicate with Sophie and I about plays and musicals through “the lingo.” Thank you for always supporting me and encouraging me with everything I do. Thank you for introducing me to Helen at the fall play, as you know I have a soft spot for old people. Thank you again for all that you do for me.

-Kaley Kaminski, Staff Writer

Mr. George,

Thank you for being a great teacher for all of your students. I don’t think there has ever been a single student who has walked out of your English 10 or Writing for Publication class without feeling like there is a teacher in that room who truly cares about them. Thank you for pushing me and encouraging me to always not settle. I can always do better, even if I don’t feel like putting in extra work. Thank you for giving me a class that I can always look forward to. Thank you for putting up with a room full of teenage girls for an hour everyday. Thank you so much for giving us this great class with a great group of girls led by a great teacher.

-Emily Obermeyer, Staff Writer

Mr. George,

Thank you for being a part of the small group of teachers that actually care about the students and get to know them on a level deeper than only class work. I appreciate the time you take to talk with us about our days and the way that you offer insight and personal advice to each and every one of us. You aren’t just the teacher to pass kids along on your way to summer, but the teacher that’s both kind and caring. Thank you for teaching us the true value of learning and that letter grades don’t define us. Thank you for making all of us feel like more than just another student to pass through the halls of FHC. Thank you, Mr. George.

-Sam Hopkins, Sports Editor

Dear Mr. George,

I remember my first day of sophomore year vividly because of you. I remember walking in, getting my schedule, and expecting to see Ms. Schrotenboer as my English teacher, but that was not the case. “George, Kenneth” was written on it. I remember thinking, “Who is this mysterious person?” I remember getting lost trying to find your room and having to ask a random person, “Where is Room 139?” But when I walked in on that first day, I knew that I wouldn’t leave without learning something more than about commas and John Proctor. I was going to learn about life and how to make it great. It feels as if I walked in that day, and have not walked out since. So because you have taught me so much throughout my three years of living in Room 139, I thought I would list some of the things I have learned.

  1. You taught me that having a healthy life is more important than school.
  2. You taught me to “take a day” every once in awhile.
  3. You taught me how to play Kahoot and how to make one about you.
  4. You taught me how to use a semicolon effectively.
  5. You taught me the difference between affect and effect, even if I still struggle with it sometimes.
  6. You taught me how to write an effective lead that draws people in.
  7. You showed me how to slam a door and break a light at the same time.
  8. You showed me the difference between a story worth 30 points and one of 20.
  9. You taught me that some teachers love their jobs and truly care about their students.
  10. You showed me that if you are passionate about something, strive to be the best you can be at it.
  11. You taught me how to be the best person I can be.
  12. You taught me that you can only be Facebook friends with a teacher after you graduate.
  13. You taught me to never judge a book by it’s cover, especially in life, but with actual books as well.
  14. You taught me that school can be fun and that Room 139 is not a classroom, but a place for fun.
  15. You’ve taught me that Room 139 is always open, but most of all, you taught me that a classroom can be a home.

Mr. George,

You have taught me so much. I am trying to think of who would have listened to all of my stupid questions, or who I would have told all of my stupid stories to, and who I could have always expect to be there, sitting in the big green chair. And now, as I am getting ready to graduate in May and become your Facebook friend, I am not sure what will become of me, but I hope you will never leave Room 139, as I am planning on coming to visit. Thank you for everything these past few year,  and thank you for being one of the biggest role models in my life.

-Maggie Eldred, Social Media Manager

Mr. George,

Thank you so much for everything during year so far. I’m so glad I ended up signing up for Writing For Publication, and I’m so lucky to have you as one of my teachers. Honestly, one of the only reasons I signed up for this class was to have you as a teacher. I’m not going to lie, I never thought I was a good writer until I took this class. You have shown me that I can be good at whatever I want to do, and if I put my mind to a task, I can complete it. Truthfully, I have so much to thank you for and I won’t be able to explain it, so here’s just a short list of everything I am so thankful you do.

  • Thank you for making me feel always comfortable in your room and letting me stop in whenever
  • I know sometimes I can be a handful to deal with, so thank you for always putting up with my craziness.
  • Thank you for all the memories in your room. From teaching us school lessons or life lessons, I am constantly learning things I can apply to my everyday life
  • Thank you for always being open to hear my opinion
  • Thank you for always truly caring about my interests
  • Thank you for being open minded and allowing your students to teach you new things
  • Thank you for showing me you always truly care about me, whether it’s hearing about my bad days, asking about an event was that I forgot I even mentioned, or helping me with my problems
  • Overall, thank you so much for everything you do, and thank you for being an amazing teacher

-Sarah Obermeyer, Staff Writer


Mr. George,

A letter of thanks doesn’t do justice to how much you deserve because you have impacted my life and the lives of your students more than words could ever describe. I joined WFP on a whim and it was one of the best decisions that I have made. You rekindled my love for writing and you have also allowed me the opportunity to grow as a person. Thank you for being so much more than a teacher; you connect with your students in a way that very few others have mastered, and walking into your classroom everyday I know that all the problems I am facing can be left at the door. Not only that but I know that you care about my life and you also care about me as a person and not just as a student, and I am very appreciative that you have the will to talk to me about my problems not just as a teacher but also as a friend. I do not know how my life would be today if I didn’t sign up for WFP last fall, because it has given me the opportunity to find something that I love doing and has also shown a new light on all the things I am capable of. Thank you so much for impacting my life in such a positive way and being one of my biggest role models.

-Rene Maier, Editing Manager

Señor Jorge,

I have never experienced any other class like our special little third hour. Thank you for giving me the most unique high school class I’ll probably ever have. I love our third hour family (even though I come to third hour every day grouchy/hungry/on the verge of a mental breakdown). That class makes me feel so very fulfilled. Thank you for giving me one hour of the day to do something I love. Thank you for being one of the best teachers I’ve ever had; you truly care about us. I appreciate that a lot. Not a lot of teachers care about their students the way you do. You’re always there for all of us, even when you don’t realize it. You make us all feel like we are equals, like we deserve respect; not a lot of teachers do that either. Most of all, for the first time in a long time, you made me feel smart and talented. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t keep every one of my little half-slip grading sheets, or if I said I didn’t take pictures of the really sweet comments you left on those first three papers of the year. Room 139 makes me feel safe, especially that one green northface. Thank you for that, and all the other things I could never manage to put into words.

-Reena Mathews, Staff Writer

Oh George, what do I say about you?

How about…

Your care for my being makes me feel important

The consent “how are you?” “how really are you?”

Reflect your humble care for your students.

But they are not just students to you,

They are each individually unique and important,

Each with their own characteristics highlighting more than,

Just a name on a sheet.

Being more than a name,

Is every person’s goal, to be different, to be known.

You allow this, bring forth this dream.

On a lighter note,

Your dad jokes are also a plus,

Could use some work but we’ll get there.

The polo basketballs shirts are worn so often,

I’m left confused when you don’t wear one.

Every spring break you leave as Mr. George and

Come back as Señor George a significantly tanner guy,

Big B runs…. They’re getting out of hand.

And I’m concerned.

But instead of me ending this talking about your health,

I’ll end it with this.

The shininess of your head shines too bright to ever be dulled (it’s a compliment),

It makes me glow from within with every sparkle reflecting towards me.

-Ilma Seperovic, Social Media Manager

Mr George,

One of my favorite things about you is that you care in one way or another for every student who walks into your classroom. Every student has a story, and you want to hear every single one. I love that everyday we catch up on the happenings in everyone’s lives, and you are genuinely interested about what we have to say. I also love that you tease all of us constantly, making third hour feel like the exact opposite of your everyday class. Your classes (I’ve only been in one) are so creative and fun, which is hard to say about many other classes at FHC. You put so much thought and passion into your teaching, and it definitely shows when you teach. Let’s be honest; you taught us a completely understandable grammar lesson in about fifteen minutes when it took other teachers over a week. Being a great teacher takes more than simply teaching well or even being friendly with students; it’s being the one who sees endless amounts of potential in people and pushes them to the greatness that you see in them. Thank you for pushing everyone to be their best, and thank you for all that you do for FHC and TCT. You are truly an outstanding and inspiring teacher, and I can’t wait to spend the next couple years on staff with you.

-Susannah Bennett, Staff Writer

Mr. George,

This is so difficult for me to articulate. I don’t think you realize how much you have impacted me these past few months. I have already learned so much from you, and I don’t see my expansion of knowledge slowing down anytime soon. You have taught me about writing, about journalism, and how to use my words as a place to share my voice with everyone around me. You have taught me that I am a student with value, and you have taught me that no matter what, I am worth it. You have ignited a passion for writing within me that I didn’t know I possessed, and now I can’t imagine my life without it. Mr. George, you have given me a place where I feel needed, valued, and appreciated. Room 139 is my new home, and I would like to thank you for making me feel like a person with purpose. I am hoping to learn so much from you in these next two-and-a-half-ish years, but I already know that I will remember it for a lifetime. Thank you, Mr. George. Thank you for everything.

-Krystal Koski, Staff Writer


Mr. George,

I always need a little instability in my life. I used to find the little bits of crazy and uncertainty in changing schools, taking on odd jobs, or putting myself out there. When I came back to FHC freshman year, I was terrified of the structure and stability that this school holds. I was relieved to find solace in my freshman year English teacher with her daily dose of craziness, and was advised, in order to survive the rest of high school, to enroll in your English 10 class. I would say I liked the class and you as a teacher, as I did come back for another class this year. To be completely honest I didn’t even know what Writing For Publications was. I just signed up because I liked english and you were the teacher, and I wanted another year of craziness. Thank you for drawing me back into another english class. WFP has really unleashed my passion for writing, something that I have always loved, but this year I have discovered a true passion. Thank you for pushing me to always do better, whether it be using better verbs or reminding me to have grit. Thank you for making the infamous “Soph Days” less common, for I know I am wanted and my voice is heard in room 139. Whatever the day brings, you always keep it real, and I admire that, even if the realness is a little crazy to handle. Mr. George, you are the most unstable stability this school needs.

-Sophie Bolen, Staff Writer

Dear Mr. George,

Thank you for letting me be able to express myself in a way I never thought I would by being able to write for TCT. Thanks to you, I’m a lover of English class again. You make every class interesting and exciting.  You’re also one of the most understanding teachers I’ve ever met, like if one of us has something that we’re going through you’re understanding about it. That’s just something most teachers don’t tend to do. I’m also never going to forget the jar of mints that’s full in the morning but practically empty by the end of the day. Also, thanks for loving coffee as much as I do. Thank you for just being you.

-Ava Stathakis, Public Relations/Marketing Manager