Celebrities are not toys for entertainment, but living people


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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, former members of the band One Direction, who have had a strained friendship due to fans insisting that they were a couple.

Several months ago, I was attempting to explain the Sanrio and Hello Kitty franchise to my mom, and her means of understanding it was by saying to herself, “oh, so she’s like a Kardashian.” She is famous for being famous. However, there is one big difference between the two: one is a fictional cat, while the other is a family of living humans who are not playing a role.

While it is undoubtedly true that celebrities, even those who show their so-called “true selves,” are putting on some degree of an act, Hello Kitty is a toy, and Kim Kardashian is not.

Unfortunately, so many people seem to forget this and treat those in the spotlight as less than human. Celebrities are considered to be at the top of the food chain, but in reality, they are torn to pieces by everyone behind a screen and a pen. Those with bad intentions will relentlessly come after certain people, regardless of the amount of time it takes.

As bad as this is, arguably, those who are obsessively supportive of celebrities are even worse. 

Even the most adoring fans can easily get out of line. They objectify and ignore the feelings of celebrities even more often than those who dislike the celebrities. The out-of-hand infatuation that these fans have is harmful and oftentimes gives the celebrities a bad look and severe discomfort.

The out-of-hand infatuation that these fans have is harmful and oftentimes give the celebrities a bad look and severe discomfort.”

One of the most common forms of celebrities being used as nothing more than a toy for the supporters is through internet fan accounts and theories. Fan accounts on their own are not inherently bad as they can provide reasonable defense and attention toward celebrities. However, the speculations and theories are where things begin to go awry.

When fans theorize certain aspects of a celebrity’s life, from romantic partner to sexuality, it can be awkward for the celebrity if the most widely acknowledged one is incorrect. However, it can be even worse if the celebrity then feels pressured into giving out personal information that they previously were withholding due to peer pressure or correcting the public regarding themselves.

This, clearly, is detrimental to the mental health of celebrities and may even jeopardize their safety. If someone who is widely known refuses to discuss a certain aspect of themselves, oftentimes, it is because they are concerned about getting negative feedback that could escalate a dangerous situation.

While this is upsetting, there are worse situations where theories are taken to the extreme and give celebrities an entirely new life through fanfiction.

Admittedly, these can be extremely funny and entertaining. Even celebrities themselves react to these on occasion, helping to boost their platform and get a good chuckle. On the other hand, these fanfictions can quickly become very inappropriate and vile. They can become sexual and very x-rated.

Worst of all, these fictitious stories are most often written and read by minors who do not understand the gravity of their actions. This puts the celebrity that the stories are about in a perilous and disgusting situation that they never intended to get themselves into.

These fanfictions have become so commonplace that they are straying away from being taboo and unacceptable. So many internet users read and create these stories with the mindset that the celebrities are so out of reach that they cannot feel the effects of their actions. However, this taints the image of the person.

On top of that, these stories commonly theorize that two celebrities, usually bandmates or co-stars, are in love regardless of sexuality or current relationship status. This creates discomfort and rifts between friends and partners; no matter how ridiculous, it can ruin the public figure of friendships and relationships. 

Even so, there are superfans who cross multiple lines over a long-time obsession with a certain celebrity. These people either believe that they are married to the celebrity, want to become the celebrity themselves, or in the case of Oli London, both. No doubt, this is a form of mental illness, but it doesn’t overshadow the fact that taking over one’s identity is detrimental to all involved.

London, a resident of Great Britain, claimed that Jimin of the popular k-pop band BTS was married to them until they later split. In reality, they had never met Jimin, and instead used a cardboard cutout of the idol as a stand-in. 

London didn’t end their path of fascination with Jimin there. He had surgeries to look more like Jimin and Korean as a whole, calling himself “transracial.” They immersed themself in Korean culture as well, but not in a way that positively expanded their worldview. Instead, they became obsessed with becoming a different nationality and shaping their life to be in the same shape as Jimin’s. London, who has now been noticed by Jimin due to the widespread controversy surrounding the wannabe, is absolutely infatuated with Jimin. Not only is this offensive towards Jimin, but Korean people as a whole.

People attacking celebrities with malicious intent is enough to deal with already, but when fanatics begin to turn against the celebrities as well, there are few people who actually stand by those in the spotlight. In order to show genuine love and support for a celebrity, respecting them for who they are is the most important component.