The comforting cadence of rain


It was a dark and stormy night—one of the classic starts to a horror story. Practically an omen of fear and darkness, yet it is one of the things that comforts me the most. 

I consider myself somewhat of a cheerful person. I like bright colors, the sun, etc. I would not associate myself with vampires or spiders or anything else spooky or scary. I hate horror movies and haunted houses to the extent that I refuse the idea of them when they are brought up. I might as well despise anything that would sound like it is related to a dark and stormy night, yet I love them so much.

When I look at my phone and see the rainy forecast, I become overjoyed. Once it starts to rain, I hope that it will continue, and am disappointed when it stops. I dread when there are mid-summer droughts when rain leaves for weeks at a time. Instead, I adore times during fall and spring when the rain falls constantly with few breaks of sun. 

This love is newly developed; I used to be terrified of rain and storms. Each time the rain would be released from the overfilled clouds or the first bolt of lightning would strike through the darkness, I would sprint into my parents’ room with tears welling in fear. Although there are still moments when tears tease my eyes and the darkness and storms mix, the majority of the time I feel a great relief and calmness. 

Whether it’s just the silent pattering of rain or the cadence of the drops along with soft music, I could listen to it for hours.”

I’m not sure when it began, or why, but I know that now it’s there. When I take my dog out and see the clouds rolling in from the right of my house, my heart skips a beat just hoping that rain is following. When I begin to hear a soft beat pattering overhead of me I hope that it continues. When my parents mention an upcoming storm, I hope that it doesn’t die before it reaches me so that I can enjoy it.

I like rain at all times, but it’s best during darkened hours—the aesthetic is generally better. It seems more silent during the night, which enhances the sound of the rainfall. I don’t need to worry about the sunlight peeking through during the rain, causing confusion of moods for it ruins the rainy atmosphere. It’s dark, peaceful, and tranquil.

Whether it’s just the silent pattering of rain or the cadence of the drops along with soft music, I could listen to it for hours. It brings me peace after long days of school, dance, and everything else happening in my life. I love the idea of just cuddling up in blankets, in sweatpants and a sweatshirt, looking out my bedroom window at the rain floating down, listening to the fluctuating drum on the roof with a few occasional rolls of thunder and flashes of lighting. Although it may seem evil and dark, it’s where I feel safest. 

On a dark and stormy night.