It’s a normal day


The beginning of June; it’s the official start of summer, and my birthday month, but some will argue it’s technically late spring—a disrespectful “no,” in my opinion, because I’m a proud summer birthday—right in the middle of it, three days short of summer’s solstice.

My sun’s in alignment with the Gemini constellation, the sign of the twins, and already this is a controversial quality to possess. My birthday happens before the sun reaches its yearly crux, celebrating just another year.

It’s not such a special day anymore for no specific reason, other than to me, it’s just an official changing of age. After a while, we grow out of the anticipation and mature. It’s a normal day.

Monumental moments happen often in life, all the time, every day. It’s a normal day.

Or, you wake up, go to school, come home, and sleep. It’s a normal day.

After the last week of school, you decide to go for a suburban drive to cleanse yourself and lose yourself in a peaceful escapade. It’s a normal day.

The smoke from crushed metals, shattered glass, and dust from the metallic-tasting airbags filled my head; this would be just my luck.

My birthday isn’t during the school year—I’m extremely grateful that will never happen because worrying about a test on my birthday sounds insolent; however, it’s still close enough to the point where school is still routine and slightly ruins it. It’s normal, nonetheless; we don’t always get what we want.

So many others thought I’d have my driver’s license by now. I don’t, nor do I have any further aspirations of becoming a driver. On a normal day for somebody else—like always—I felt it at about 45 mph, reminding me that something like this would only happen to me. In the seat—but I somehow ended more towards the door, a smoke of crushed metals, shattered glass, and dust from the metallic-tasting airbags filled my head; this would be just my luck.

Gemini twins are really bad at short-distance travel, apparently, but I couldn’t agree with something more. A curse, I figure. 

Apollo was hit by a Ford Raptor, and the rusted Escape crumpled upon impact. In the car for two, four, or five minutes, surrounded by the systemic peace in the neighborhood, ruining my chance to get a license before my birthday—eight days. 

Not having a license is a direct result of idiocracy, but I digress. Human nature is selfish, controlling, and guilty: normal day shenanigans. 

It was a normal day; no work, no school, and absolutely no obligations other than being home by curfew. We were glad the year had wrapped up, celebrating with our usual nonsense and unorthodox mischief by wandering around the greater Cascade area, exploring familiarity once more. 

Somehow, it’s always nothing or the extreme, and I succumb to the unmistakable pain my luck entails—a car accident killed the driver in me, though there was not much ambition and security in letting me operate a vehicle. I still don’t trust anybody. 

I’ve lost a lot of respect for the human population lately.

That’s the truth. I don’t trust much. Anything, really. Geminis are the ones who you’re to look out for; two-faced, reluctant, and out-spoken, but astrology lacks a certain foundation I need and honestly, anybody can fit the criteria for a Gemini. 

Being born under certain stars that in the modern day, aren’t even astrologically correct, is insane, and for that to justify my luck is insane.

I’m constantly reminded that my sun sign is cursed by the tumult it brings to my life, and it annoys me. I don’t think I fit the stereotypical Gemini, but my luck remains and teases the thought of having possibly a normal day. 

Apollo was a great car that wasn’t mine; I enjoyed being the “backseat” driver from the passenger’s seat because, on a normal day, anything can happen. 

Nobody else sees the craze I see on a normal day. My life is eventful, being there’s constantly something new. I don’t understand why I accidentally lead an exciting life, but I do.

As for the car crash, that’s when I realized that this is a little extensive, but it was a normal day. The Gemini constellation is still fascinating, how the coincidences align a little too weirdly.

But my life always seems to fall into place one way or another; it’s a normal day.