TCT’s The Countless Thanks 2022: Erika Trisch

To my brother

Thank you for being the glue that holds the family together. You’re incredibly funny and always know how to cheer me up, regardless of how bad my mood is. You’re the only person who I don’t mind annoying me, because I always get you back. You’re incredibly charming and any person who meets you always loves you. You’re the sweetest older brother and my biggest protector and best friend. I’m going to miss the drives we take and the songs we scream at the top of our lungs. You take time out of your day to tell me goodnight and good morning and tell me my worth when I forget it. You’re truly a ray of sunshine and have been since birth, even though you’re a huge mama’s boy. You’re my favorite person to have movie nights with and listen to “Brazil” by Declan McKenna religiously. The day you move away you’re taking a piece of me with you. I’ll never forget the childhood we spent together even if I did annoy you and your friends (I just always wanted to be one of the “big” kids). I love and appreciate you more than you know, loser.

Me and my amazing big brother on his 24th birthday

To my oldest sister-

I truly don’t know how to begin this one, because I want to do you justice knowing you are going to be editing this in your head as you’re reading it (English major things). But, you are honestly my rock. I know that’s a cliché thing to say, but I’ve never met someone who has stood by me, regardless of what I did. You’re my biggest role model, my support system, my therapist, and my comedian wrapped in one. I’m blessed every day to have a sister like you, and I talk about you constantly. I wished Chicago didn’t drive us 189 miles apart, and what I’d do for that distance to just be our doors across the hall from each other again. But the times in the year I get to see you I count the days until you’re back home, back with me. There’s no one else I’d rather do life with. You keep me motivated, you drag me out of bed to go for a run, cook, or watch stupid old Vines just so I spend time with you. You have saved me in more ways than you can imagine. I’ll forever admire your beauty, strength, intelligence, and empathy. You’re my best friend, and there’s no one else I’d rather scream 1d songs with.

My oldest sister, isn’t she just the cutest?

My mom and dad- 

The people who brought me into this world and gave me the moon and stars. You two are genuinely two of the funniest people I’ve met and have supported me through everything. Dad, you’re my biggest cheerleader and the best popcorn maker I know. I love messing around with you and teasing mom. You have given me your love for movies and introduced me to some of my favorite films. You’re the most hard-working person I know and have given me everything I could have asked for in life. I know I don’t make your guys’ job the easiest, but I sure do make it exciting. Mom, I don’t even know where to begin with this. You’re the kindest and most beautiful human I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Your creativity and your laugh radiate a room wherever you go. You’re my best friend, and I love filling you in on drama on our Starbucks runs. There’s never a day that goes by that you don’t make me laugh or cook a delicious meal for the family; such delicious food my friends still talk about. You’re truly an angel in human form. I adore you and Dad more than you guys will ever imagine.  

Best parents in the whole world

To my other sister- 

Lauren, I know we don’t talk much anymore ,but I’ll always adore you for your resilience. You never give up and are one of the toughest people I know. Growing up you taught me many valuable lessons and have given me memories I’ll cherish for a lifetime. Not to mention your beauty, I swear you could stand out in a crowd of people just with your looks. I hope you’re doing well. I love and miss your sweet smile.

To Thea Sloat-

My best friend and my whole world. Anywhere you go, I’ll go. I’ve never met someone with such a fiery personality as you have; you’re truly one of a kind. Every second of my free time is 90% consumed with you, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. You showed me what it’s like to not have to fight for someone to be a good friend. You’re just always there holding my back up. You have made me go outside my comfort zone and try things I never would have before (especially food you know I’m a picky eater). You have been there when I’ve laughed and when I’ve sobbed. All the vacations we have spent together are memories forever plastered in my brain. Thank you for sending me funny snaps when I’m having a rough day or making a TikTok to cheer me up. Thank you for the game nights we have spent in your basement and the car rides blaring City Girls, and the endless shopping trips to D&W and Target to get snacks or any random items. Thanks for adopting a cat with me  (I still can’t believe we did that, and yes we still have the cat), but most importantly thanks for being the shoulder I can lean on. I’ll never forget your spunky attitude and crazy yet captivating and beautiful hair. Thanks for being my best friend, there’s no one else I’d rather get iced chais with every day.

To Anna Hale- 

A breath of fresh air and sunshine is the perfect way to encapsulate you. Anna, you’re the sweetest, most thoughtful, and selfless human being I’ve ever met. Most people think you’re shy, and lucky for them, because the real you is insane, and I mean that in the best way possible. No one can make me laugh harder than you do. You’re my promiscuous girl and Halestorm forever and always. There’s not a single person who has met you and disliked you. Thank you to not just you but your entire family. You have always made me feel welcome and the nights spent in your mom’s basement are truly some of my favorite memories (even if that means losing money in pool). Your golden hair reflects who you truly are, which is my sunshine. Seeing you after first hour every day, even when I’m exhausted, makes my morning. You always wait for me or anyone when they are falling behind. You listen to my rants about boys or anything 24/7 and always give the best advice. You will always be my favorite workout buddy and the best person to scream “Monica Lewinsky” with. Even though Thea will never admit it, you have the best dance moves in our friend group. Never stop shining and being the sweetheart you are, I truly love and adore you best friend.

Anna and Thea my besties

To Allie and Annie- 

My true 6th-hour besties. You two are some of the kindest people I have ever crossed paths with, and I thank the Lord I did. There’s not a single bad bone in either one of you. And of course, you guys are my favorites to get spray tans with. Allie, you were the first person I met at FHC when I was an anxious new freshman and didn’t know anyone. I immediately thought, ‘this girl is so kind and so beautiful,’ and my opinion on you has never changed since then. You’re truly the all-American girl and you make my heart so happy. You’re the hardest worker and I know you’re going to do big things in life. You’re so hilarious and crazy and I love to see that side of you. Just know, though, I’m never making you ramen again. You’re truly my twin and the person I can indulge in my love for pink and Taylor Swift with. You’re a ray of sunshine please never stop being you. Annie, you are the kindest, most sweet human being I’ve ever met. I know we only became close this year but it feels like I’ve known you for a lifetime. Not to mention your gorgeous smile that I’m forever envious of, because it lights up a room no matter where you go. You’re a dedicated and hard-working person, and one of the best friends I could have ever asked for. I know you’re going to be incredibly successful in life, keep being you.

To Ayla and Lydia- 

My forever girls. You two are seriously the cutest people I think I’ve ever met. You’re both so wholesome and my biggest fans. Ayla, I’m seriously obsessed with you and all the new things I learn about you every day even though we have been friends for over a year, you never fail to shock me. You make me laugh like no other and always make me feel wanted. There’s no one else I’d rather sing Taylors Swift’s Lover album with. I love your laugh and the way it makes others join in too. Your light in this world keeps shining. Lydia, you are my biggest hype woman and supporter. You’re never afraid to back down on anything and always do the right thing. A night with you is never a dull time. You’re hilarious, resilient, and one of the most loyal people I have met. Thank you for the memories you have given me the past year both of you.

To Brenna and Vivian- 

The most iconic duo out there. Your two are my pop-culture queens and are always keeping me updated on every current event. Vivian, Thank you for teaching me how to love myself and sharing love with everyone around you. You give the best hugs and advice and your spunky yet perfect curls I’ll always admire. Your beauty radiates all throughout you and you never fail to put a smile on my face. There’s no one else I’d rather watch Euphoria Sundays with. Brenna, my doll. You’re seriously a doll inside and out. Thank you for being my Starbucks buddy and a fellow Barb. You always make me feel loved and I know you have such a bright future ahead of you. There’s no one else I’d rather make cringey TikToks with.

To Mrs. Anderson-

I know I’m not the best at your class, but you have made it one of my favorites. Thank you for creating a space I feel comfortable with talking to you about anything and everything. Thank you for making your class so interactive and interesting. The passion you have for your job I hope to have one day. You’re truly my favorite teacher and my biggest cheerleader, even for all my small achievements. Leaving you is going to be a hard day.

To Mr. George-
Thank you for always believing in me and taking time out of your day to talk to me. I can tell you care about every one of your students and this class has given me so much joy. I remember you always being my favorite, even as a toddler. I could pick you out at any baseball game and would run over to you like you were my own father. Thank you for everything you do for me and everyone else at TCT.

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