Abby Scutch, Editor in Chief

We’re brought into this world pure, new, angelic, wholesome, and beautiful, like snow.

Our first breath is our first exposure to a world in which we are innocent, guiltless, blameless, and virtuous.

As we continue on this path of life, individual to each being, we all ultimately find ourselves in situations, in problems, and navigating unfortunate events that take away our innocent, guiltless, blameless, and virtuous lives. We are let down, screwed, and mudded into something that we wish we could take ourselves away from.  If only we could return to that pure state of innocence.

It’s believed that we are always changing, but are we? We make mistakes. We learn lessons. We grow. At the end of the day, we’re still same the same person, we still have gone through the same things, and we still live with what we have seen and suffer the consequences. We do change into a different person as we go through these situations, problems, and unfortunate events. We grow. We gain different perspectives on life and use our insight to propel us toward a supposed brighter future.

The things we have been through shape us into who we are today. The people we love, the people who lost, the people who hurt us, and the people who’ve helped us are the people we feed off of, whether positive or negative.

We hold onto an idea of faith, being that we believe we will end up being where we belong. But with rocks, boulders, and obstacles thrown at us, we want to give up. We are willing to sacrifice ourselves and our work and let go of something that we once believed in.

But we get up and go to war. Though we may go about our daily routines, we don’t know if we’re going to finish the day dead or alive. We don’t know if our days will be bright sunshine or gloomy gray. We don’t know if we’re going to lose jobs, the people we love, our hopes, our our aspirations, but we continue to fight, even when we don’t know what we’re fighting for.

Though we may go about our daily routines, we don’t know if we’re going to finish the day dead or alive.”

We win some and we lose some. We don’t realize our worth and we let our victories and losses define who we are. We allow our belongings, our looks, our academics, and our community to categorize us into artificial stereotypes.

When we turn on the news, we don’t hear gratitude. We hear about shootings, bombings, kidnappings, assaults, poverty, illness, violence, and sadness. We’re easily influenced and brought down by our surroundings. How can we continue to grow in pleasant spirit when it feels like our world is falling apart with nothing pleasant about it?

As time continues to move forward, we are given false hope, we become corrupted, embellished, dirty, mudded, mixed, battled, fought, and lied to, and sometimes, it feels as if we’re trapped like frosted, sloppy ice when we’re trying to find our pure snow.

Because that’s just what happens to us, like slush.