Angel Dominguez has a found family in the heart of a characterful community


Past the loud clamor and clash of silver and brass instruments, sophomore Angel Dominguez thrives in an environment full of personas and people.

Band, like all of the other musical classes FHC provides, is a close-knit community of students who share an interest in playing music and marching through the harsh, cold nights of football games. Each member shares a unique trait that makes up the band, creating a family of sorts that welcomes all that enter. 

“The friends I have in band and I can joke around mostly,” Angel said. “While we’re trying to practice, I can ask upperclassmen for help on music or things I don’t know about.”

The people making up the population of the band interact in a lot of positive ways, making it easy and fun for newcomers, much like Angel was in his first year of marching. This also makes it easier to tough it out when the more strenuous hours occur. 

Tuning each instrument takes time and often happens to overlap with others tuning theirs. This creates a chorus of sounds that reverberates into Angel’s mind in the early hours of the morning. This, coupled with the energetic members preparing themselves alongside others, makes for a storybook-like scene. 

Band camp is also one of these times. Ten hours in the sun of stepping back and forth leads to tedious seconds that stretch into infinity; the marching band strings together an epic performance. Moments like these help keep the band strong together. One would say almost like a family. 

“People can joke around with other people,” Angel said, “and, it’s just playing; people can mess around, and it’s all fine. You know how siblings can mess around, but in the end, they also care for each other.” 

“People can joke around with other people,” Angel said. “And, it’s just playing; people can mess around, and it’s all fine. You know how siblings can mess around, but in the end, they also care for each other.” ”

— Angel Dominguez

Last year was Angel’s first time in the district after having moved to and from many places like Colorado, Nebraska, Arizona, and others; he has learned a lot about starting over. His key last year was band, and this unlocked many new friendships despite all of the things he’s carried from his experiences, all by picking up a trumpet. 

“Something I picked up is saying ‘I might not be here next year,’” Angel said, “which isn’t always the funniest thing to tell new friends. It’s taught me how to make friends easier [and] how to trust the right people.”

Angel has learned many things from his sporadic situation; yet, it has shown him new ways of clicking with others. More than ever, this year, Angel is now fully immersed in his first-hour class. 

With the marching season coming to an end, Angel has expressed that he still wants to enjoy band despite the hours of grueling practice. He also says that being with friends during all this year has shown him many new things to learn and improve on. 

“I also like playing the instruments, and learning new things is fun,” Angel said. “Actually hearing yourself play these songs sounds good, and it fulfills your happiness.” 

The band has become a found family for Angel, allowing him to meet new people and learn about himself. It’s a safe haven that creates the perfect environment for affection and memorable times that will stick with him well beyond high school. 

“Band is amazing,” Angel said. “You should totally join if you can and cherish friends while you can still be with them.”