Why I watch so many shows on Netflix


Madison Szczepanski, Staff Writer

I have a Netflix addiction. My dad has threatened on more than one occasion to cancel our Netflix subscription because I waste too much time watching shows when I should be studying. I admit, this is an issue. But then what would I do on my weekends after work, when I finally have time to myself? The shows that consume so much of my not-so-precious time are not only my escape, but they also help me to develop my own personality. The so-called “time wasters” cause me to notice elements of my favorite shows that I might want to include in my life. The lengthy list of programs that hold an integral part in my everyday life bring me joy and relief from my typically stressful schedule.

Gilmore Girls: This feel-good show follows a young mother as she helps her daughter through high school and college. The pair share each experience with one another and hide no truths. Gilmore Girls has taught me not to fear building relationships with people. I have also learned that experiencing new things for the first time can be scary, but avoiding it can be worse. Meeting new people, going to new places, and doing new things are a part of life and Gilmore Girls shows me that I shouldn’t be afraid to do anything, even if it’s out of my comfort zone.

Grey’s Anatomy: This classic, never-ending medical show features a group of developing doctors and allows  you experience the difficulties of being thrown into a new environment, with only strangers that you are forced to build relationships with. Grey’s Anatomy taught me that even in the worst of situations, I can get through anything with close friends and family by my side. The friendships that you have in your life are among the most important things you can possess.

The Office: The comedic show is set as a group of quirky office workers that are being filmed for a documentary. All the characters of The Office bring a different element to the addictive show. The Office teaches me that no matter what life throws at me, I should be able to find the humor in any situation. No matter who is standing beside me, whether they are close friend or a sworn enemy, a personal bond with someone can make all the difference.

Psych: Even though this comical crime show is no longer featured on Netflix, it still holds a special place in my heart. Psych is the story of two best friends that form their own psychic detective agency and work in collaboration with the Santa Barbara Police Department. Psych continuously teaches me that that even in the most professional or serious situation, being yourself is the most important thing one can bring to the table. Your own personality is what makes you unique and if you  try to suppress yourself, you won’t accomplish everything successfully.

Scrubs: Scrubs is another medical show similar Grey’s Anatomy; however, instead of the always serious atmosphere of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital of Grey’s,  Scrubs features an amusing, generally relaxed setting at Sacred Heart Hospital. The group of friends that Scrubs features are always helping each other learn and grow as their own people in their personal and professional relationships. Scrubs teaches me that it is okay to make mistakes, answer questions incorrectly, and breakdown every once in awhile.

The shows that I tend to spend way too much time watching may seem pointless from an outsider’s perspective, but to myself and others, Netflix brings life lessons that can only be interpreted by someone who is interested enough to take time and just watch.