Chlorine in the Morning, Assists in the Afternoon


A pressing question that has plagued students for ages remains: is an overloaded schedule worth it? Freshman Kate Ryan thinks so, signing up for not only the rigorous swim season, but the volleyball season as well this fall.

“I do both [swim and volleyball] because I want to succeed at both and I love both,” Ryan said, “by overloading my schedule I’m just packing in more of my passions into one week.”

Initially signing up for just volleyball and not swim, Ryan immediately regretted her decision. She communicated with both coaches to solve her compunction and crafted a plan to conquer the challenge ahead of her.

During the school year, she will be attending swim practice in the morning before school, and volleyball practice after her classes are over. Any further conflict on the weekend is solved between Ryan and the coaches. Unlike countless students who make similar decisions by combining rigorous class and sport carelessly, Ryan has prepared herself and fully understands the trials ahead of her.

“I know it will be rough,” Ryan said, “of course, school is a priority for me and I will just push through till the end and do my best.”

Ryan is coached by Kate Diepholz, the assistant swim coach. Diepholz acknowledges the benefits of keeping exceptionally busy throughout high school.

“I believe that students who are busy are actually very productive and tend to do better academically as well as in their respective sports,” Diepholz said. She believes that carrying an overwhelming schedule is not necessarily for everyone, but that Ryan has shown promise and “has what it takes to make it work.”

Additionally, Ryan’s volleyball coach, Kristina Cousins, trusts that the trying commitment will benefit the young athlete. According to Cousins, it will make Ryan a more well-rounded athlete, along with wonderful long-term benefits.

“This will teach her time management,” Cousins said, “and being able to be a student, volleyball player, and swimmer.”

Esteemed by her coaches and peers, the best is already expected from Ryan.

“Kate is a competitor,” Cousins said. “She is hardworking, dedicated, and coachable. If I ask her to do something she does it while giving it her all! She was a unanimous choice as captain this season by her peers everyone sees how hard she works and they try to replicate her energy.”

Cousins is worried for Ryan as well. With a large time commitment coupled with school, some students do not cope well.

“The only thing I worry about is her getting burnt out” Cousins said. “It’s a lot; but if anyone can do it, it’s Kate.”