Player Profile: Ryan Daugherty


Peyton Fester, Sports Reporter

Ryan Daugherty

Grade: 12

Sport: Bowling and Golf

Four things you didn’t know about Ryan:

  1. Ryan loves to travel around the world with his family.

     2. Ryan’s favorite sport is bowling.

     3. Ryan cannot remember the last time he read a book just for the fun of it.

     4. Ryan loves Michigan State and has season tickets for their football games.

Player’s Quote:

Roll em’ straight, and knock em’ down.”

College Options:  

Ryan is planning on attending Michigan State University.

Favorite Class:  

His favorite class was World History in his junior year of high school.

Favorite Movie:

His favorite movie is either Shawshank Redemption or Man on Fire.

Favorite Teacher:

His favorite teacher is Brad Anderson because of his love for World History and the passion that he teaches with.

Favorite Hobby:

His favorite hobby is hanging out with his friends and playing basketball at Pine Ridge.