Relationship Q&As: Alex Brown

Name: Alex Brown

Grade: 11

Who are you dating?

“Veronica Vincent.”

How long have you been together and when did you meet?

“We’ve been together for four months, and [we officially met] in June. We hung out and I took her to get ice cream at Frosty Boy, and then we went and talked at the park, but then it turns out she doesn’t like ice cream so I guess I took her to the wrong spot.”

How do you think being in a relationship has affected your high school experience?

“It’s made it better because I have someone to talk to when things get bad, but also more time for a lot of other stuff. Before I had a lot of free time, but now, I have to accommodate someone else.”

Has your perspective on dating changed since the beginning of your relationship?

“Yes, a lot. [Before] I thought that [when you’re] dating [someone] you don’t see them very much and you would see them maybe once a week, but it has changed to where you want to spend time with them almost every single day if you can.”

What’s your favorite memory?

“On her birthday, going to a coffee shop in Grand Haven and just talking for hours, and we weren’t even talking about our relationship or anything, we were just talking about random stuff. We were there for at least an hour and a half, and we were just sitting there and talking the entire time; that was my favorite time [together].”

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