The graceful fall of snowflakes accompanies winter’s nearing presence


Getty Images/iStockphoto

Winter has always been my favorite time of the year.

7 months. 34 weeks. 239 days. 

Written down, I can truly see just how long it has been. A tremendous amount of time has passed since the last time snow touched the ground here in Michigan. 

5,758 hours. 346,778 minutes.

All of that time in between has been spent with a copious amount of sunbeams, daylight, bumblebees, and flowers. Which is perfectly fine, and it paints a gorgeous picture. However, the sharp summer isn’t my preference for beauty; I prefer the softer outlines of winter. 

There is something about the remaining five months of the year that feel special. Perhaps the reason for this is that the time we have together is shorter; we only get five months of snow rather than seven of sunshine. Or, maybe because it’s the holiday season—whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or anything else, it’s time to relax and party. However, I know what it is for me, personally.

The snow.

However, the sharp summer isn’t my preference for beauty; I prefer the softer outlines of winter.”

Only in the winter does snow grace us with its presence. Dancing down in stunning snowflakes, sometimes proud and puffy, other times strong yet minuscule, it dazes me every time I see it. The first snow of the season, and whenever I happen to look out of a window, I break into beaming smiles.

I know that with the snowflakes falling out of the clouds comes the snow collecting down on Earth. Going on walks outside has a new meaning to it when the snow makes its arrival. Surrounded by the glowing snow, I am at peace. Every sound turns into faint whispers until it disappears altogether. Not even a slight buzzing sound in the back of my head is there, and I am truly able to think freely.

I am finally able to do that again. The waltzing snow will find its way into my hair, and as bundled up as I am, I won’t feel a single chill. When I arrive home again, hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, and the Harry Potter movies will be awaiting me. 

With snow, winter inevitably comes as well. It won’t be possible to find me without toasty blankets wrapped around my shoulders, fireplaces alighted, and cozy slippers on. Rather than the incessant heat of summer, the comfortable, controllable warmth of winter will forever be my preferred companion. 

Some others are already looking forward to spring and summer. Of course, I long for a time when I won’t have the stress of school and grades constantly following me. However, if it means saying goodbye to the graceful snow and warmth that somehow always accompanies winter, then I will never agree.