Player Profile: Mark Scannell

Player Profile: Mark Scannell

Sean Wing, Sports Reporter

Mark Scannell

Grade: 12

Sports: Football, Ski, and Baseball

Three things you didn’t know about Mark:

1. He’s an Eagle Scout.

2. He loves action sports and adrenaline rushes.

3. He likes making things in his wood shop class.

Favorite food:

Fettuccine Alfredo

Favorite Movie:

Toy Story 3

Favorite Holiday:


Best Ski Team Memory:

Either going to Caberfae Peaks every year or going to the state finals in his junior year.

Ski Team Goal:

For both the girls and boys teams to qualify for the state finals.



How He Got the Nickname:

Mark got it on the back of one of his George’s Jungle basketball t-shirts in 8th grade, because it sounded like Megatron (Calvin Johnson). It has stuck ever since.