Smiling in both directions


The Central Trend has been unbelievably welcoming to me during my brief tenure on staff. I’ve enjoyed spending time with fellow writers, even though I usually sit in the back and don’t say much. Although I may not show it explicitly, this might be my favorite class of the day. Unfortunately, I’ll only remember this time instead of continuing to spend my 6th hour in this warm environment. I am leaving the class at the semester’s end. All I can do at this point is look toward the future and see what it brings.

It’s hard not to get the least bit emotional while writing this, despite the fact that I knew it was coming all semester. I only briefly considered staying in the class before deciding that I wanted to explore other classes while I still had time. I’m excited to take other classes, but I’ll still miss this one, because it was a great experience for me, and I’ve grown a lot as a writer. My ability to tell a story has improved so much during my time on staff, and I’m really proud of how much better I’ve gotten.

So, what’s next for me? Since basketball wasn’t in the cards, I’m now looking to the spring for baseball season, which I consider “my sport.” I’ll bounce around other electives and potentially find something else that captures my interest. There’s no doubt that I’m excited to keep moving through high school and trying to find my calling. From baseball to Spanish, I feel like I have a lot to look forward to and excel at. Will I be back at TCT? Maybe, but for now, I’d love to see what else there is to do.

From baseball to Spanish, I feel like I have a lot to look forward to and excel at. Will I be back at TCT? Maybe, but for now, I’d love to see what else there is to do.”

I didn’t do Countless Thanks for Thanksgiving, but I am grateful for everyone on staff. Mr. George, you’ve been an exceptional mentor throughout my time with TCT. I really appreciate your willingness to talk baseball with me, since most of the time, my sports mind comes up with the things I talk about out of the blue. I’m impressed by your ability to bear with me. Arpita, thanks for being my “big fish” for my time on staff. It’s been the perfect experience to learn from someone who’s used to being on staff. I’m always glad to hear your insight on what I could do better as a writer.

Since I was antisocial for most of my time, it was tricky to express how much I enjoyed taking this class during the first semester. I didn’t say much to anyone on staff, and if my gratitude was evident, it wasn’t by much. Still, I still smiled plenty while sitting in the back of the room.

Between our meetings at the start of the hour and my—very—brief conversations with some of the other students, my enjoyment of the class went beyond my body language. I realize that I probably looked bored and disinterested most of the time, but I promise I liked the class. Usually, during 6th hour, I’m wiped out, but being on TCT always does something to rejuvenate me. To anyone thinking about writing, take this class. The memories you’ll make won’t rival other classes. It’s been an honor to be a part of this. Goodbye for now, everyone.