Masyn Cole finds the feeling of home in a peculiar place


Masyn Cole

Masyn Cole has been horseback riding for years and it has become an integral part of her life.

Stuck in sickness at regionals, or Region 13, it seemed that senior Masyn Cole had no hope left. 

“I woke up in the morning, and I started throwing up so much, dry heaving because I didn’t drink anything,” Masyn said. “Usually, that’s normal for me. I always throw up when I’m at horse shows, but then it happened more and more. I rested for a little bit and I threw up more, and it was just terrible. I was sick.”

All hope was seemingly lost for Masyn. After years of riding horses, leading up to large competitions like Regionals, it seemed she had to throw in the hat.

“My mom called my trainer and was like ‘Hey, Masyn can’t show today, it’s not gonna be possible,’” Masyn said. “Then I [said], I’m gonna show. This is not going to happen. I know I’m sick, but I’m going to have to have to show.’ I got to the barn super sick and felt awful. I got on my horse, and then, I went into the class and I won. That was really good because I was so sick, then I won my class.”

An image of perseverance, Masyn cherishes this win.

That’s why I love it so much: because it’s my thing.

— Masyn Cole

Wins like that for Masyn’s regionals are due not from the rider’s expertise, but to their partner as well. Masyn is no stranger to a variety of horses. Currently, she has three named Memphis, Vito, and Gus. Prior to these three, she’s ridden more, including barn horses which are the horses owned by the barn she rides at, available for any riders to use.

“I actually used to use the barn horses,” Masyn said. “I leased a horse named Highlander, and then I leased a horse named Elsa, and then I went through a bunch of different horses and bought my own. I think I was 12 when I got Elsa. I’ve sold horses; I’ve bought new horses. I’ve been through it all.”

While using barn horses is a cheaper alternative to buying or leasing, Masyn continues to buy and sell. The reason for this stemmed from a policy that became a roadblock for Masyn years ago.

“It’s better to have your own horse because my trainer has a strict policy of if you lease a horse, you can’t show it,” Masyn said. “I like showing, so I want to own my own horse; it’s just more fun because you [develop] a bond. Most people don’t have that when they lease the horse because they’re sharing it. By owning your own horses, you have that connection with them.”

This connection is a key component of what keeps Masyn riding.

She started riding at seven years old when she moved into a house within a five-minute walking distance of a barn. She ended up taking a brief hiatus due to issues with her past trainer. Once her sister started riding when Masyn was ten, she decided to go to a new trainer and get back on horses. She’s been riding with that trainer for the past seven years.

Horseriding makes Masyn feel at home, both on and off horseback.

“Riding horses is so important to me because I started at a young age,” Masyn said. “I’ve been through so many different sports and [they’re] not my thing. And I think I finally found my thing. That’s why I love it so much: because it’s my thing.”