SZA’s newest album is saturated with heartbreak and revenge


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A photo of the album cover SZA posted to annouce the album

Twenty-three songs may seem like a lot for one album, but SZA makes it go by in a flash.

While listening to SZA’s new album SOS, there was not a single moment when I felt the need to press the skip button on Spotify. From being madly in love to heartbreak, SZA covered it all.

Unfortunately, SZA has announced this will be her last album as she would like to leave the music industry, but because of that, she worked extremely hard to make music she was incredibly proud of, and she was successful with that goal.

 After hearing some songs from SOS such as “K*ll Bill” and “Blind” trending on social media, I became very intrigued by what the vibe of this album would contain, and I was pleasantly surprised.

From being madly in love to heartbreak, SZA covered it all.

With a mix of her usual rap-type music, she also included some ballads and songs that give off 2000s-pop vibes. This collection of songs absolutely blew me away, as someone who has never been an avid SZA fan, I might have to become one after listening to SOS. 

The first thing I noticed while I was listening was the beat of each and every song; it had me captivated from the very start. The title track made me feel like I should be strutting down the street in New York City as the choir sings harmonies behind SZA’s honey-like voice.

Along with the striking beat of the song, “K*ll Bill” tells a story of heartbreak saturated by revenge. As she sings the grim lyrics, the story resolves in the last verse as she sings “I just k*lled my ex, I still love him though/rather be in H*ll than alone.” This line provides a shocking resolution to the story and provides closure to her intrusive thoughts.

Another song that I thoroughly enjoyed from SOS was “F2F”; it is a new sound that I wasn’t expecting from SZA, with a slight build-up into a 2000s-punk-rock song, the type of song that any teenage girl can sing at the top of her lungs. It is definitely a track I can see myself listening to non-stop.

 A separate song that also diverted from SZA’s usual sound was “Special”; it highlights the part of a breakup that makes a person feel empty and ordinary. Creating the thought that an ex-partner can take everything that makes a person exceptional from them. She touches on the insecurities that girls all over the world can relate to.

As much as it hurts me to know that this is SZA’s last album, it is incredibly well done. I could tell the work she put into making such a well-flowing and enjoyable album for anyone to listen to. I could go on about the stories and deeply rooted emotions in each and every one of the 23 songs condensed into the album that provides closure to her music career.

SZA has created a catching and sentiment-driven album that is the perfect soundtrack for heartbreak. Even though her music career may be ending, this album and all the rest of her music will make a mark on history and will be played for decades after.