My favorite hobby is falling in love with people


People watching during a week I felt encapsulated by love.

Recently, my English class has, yet again, exposed me to the innermost thoughts of strangers through a poetry unit. One stranger told me that I, the reader, needed to “fall in love more,” and I laughed. I think I love far too much.

My favorite hobby is falling in love with people. I see strangers in the world doing everyday things: she pushes a grocery cart in scrubs—I love how dedicated she is to her job. He attentively bounces back between the two brands of fruit snacks he holds, whether they’re for a personal craving or that of the children he treasures so much, I love how much he cares. 

When it comes to people I’ve already fallen in love with, I just sink further into the emotion. I’m lucky enough to feel consumed in love because the people around me deserve so much. I have friends so funny they’ve gifted me laugh lines; I treasure the reminder that I’ve been given the opportunity to love and laugh with such beautiful people. 

I love it when people answer the phone. I love it when people share their voices. I love how nervous people get before they give someone a gift. I love it when people get surprised by compliments. I love the look people share if they’re laughing when they aren’t supposed to. I love it when people feel enough peace to let someone into their world. 

I love people and how human they are.

I love people and how human they are.

With being human, a reminder comes that no one is capable of perfection. Sometimes I feel ugly emotions, and sometimes, I think unhappy thoughts. However, I’d say the best thing about life is that you can feel love when you’re happy, sad, angry, embarrassed, or imperfect. More often, everyone needs to be reminded that love is there all the time, no matter how challenging the search to find it is. 

When I think critically about the human experience, I come to the conclusion that everyone has a lot of love for others, memories, or objects. The reason I may feel I love too much or the reason a stranger told me, the reader, that I need to love more is probably because no one shares their love enough. 

With a new year full of haunting change and hopeful attitudes, the only resolution I have is to share my love more. In a world where a diploma decides the last time I might see people I’ve grown up with for years, why shouldn’t I let people in on how much I cherish them? In a world so unpredictable, it’s vital to share how often we fall in love with each other.  

So, to you, I love how hard you’re trying. I love how much your presence contributes to this world. I love how happy you make so many people. I love you, and your love.