BookTok has created a community for both avid and new readers


Sofia Hargis-Acevedo

Some of the things I see on BookTok.

I used to think of reading as a chore.

I thought it was boring, and I would groan whenever my teachers handed me a reading log to complete. There would be small bursts where I would find myself engrossed in a good series, but then the desire to read would disappear once again.

This summer, however, I was introduced to a side of TikTok that I never saw much of before. What used to be the occasional video flooded my “For You” page: “BookTok.” 

“BookTok” contains videos made by avid readers as they show off their favorite reads and the books they recommend you steer clear from. Some videos show little blurbs from a book, which can immediately convince me to purchase it.

While I don’t remember where I heard about the first book I read this summer, it is a popular book on BookTok. The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller quickly became my favorite novel of all time, and it is always the book I recommend to my friends. 

BookTok has created a community where book lovers from all over can share their adoration for novels.”

After that, I followed the trend of reading Colleen Hoover novels, which were all over TikTok. Her stories are all about a dramatic romance where each of the main characters goes through some sort of trauma, and they always end up together in the end. Looking back, Hoover’s books are definitely not the best. They all follow the same plot, and just as the story reaches its climax, she draws it to a close. While they may not be the best reads, they are certainly a fantastic starting point for those who aspire to be avid readers, much like myself.

BookTok accounts also give new readers advice on how to get into their books and truly enjoy them. Many pieces of advice I gained from those videos were to broaden the spectrum of authors I read from, listen to the suggestions given on BookTok—because if many people suggest the same novel, it must be riveting—and to romanticize the act of reading. I have taken many of these into consideration, and now, I read whenever I get the chance. 

Another aspect of BookTok that I am thankful to have partaken in is a “to be read” list, or a TBR. I am constantly adding to my list as I watch videos of people naming off their favorite novels. My list currently has eighteen books on it, and though I have only read five—I am a terribly slow reader and have little time on my hands—I get so excited whenever I get to cross one off. The concept of TBRs makes me even more eager to read, and I have BookTok to thank for that.

There are many negative aspects that come out of social media. BookTok, however, is quite the opposite. BookTok has created a community where book lovers from all over can share their adoration for novels, along with giving suggestions to one another. It welcomes all new readers with open arms, and you never know, you may find your favorite book through TikTok.