Abbie Glass looks forward to the possibilities of her future


Sophomore Abbie Glass pictured in front of some trees

Sophomore Abbie Glass doesn’t find herself afraid while flying in an airplane through vast clouds, over the country. Rather, she feels excited, as each takeoff means she’s about to be accustomed to a new, previously unknown setting.

“One day I’d love to travel the world,” Abbie said, “and see what’s out there before I settle down. I didn’t grow up traveling a lot, so I would love to see [the world]. I really do love traveling, planes don’t scare me or anything.”

One day I’d love to travel the world and see what’s out there before I settle down.

— Abbie Glass

One of the last places Abbie traveled to was Marco Island, Florida. She’s been there twice, and while the warmth and remarkable beaches are surely remembered fondly by Abbie, Marco Island isn’t her favorite destination.

Oregon may not be the first place that comes to mind when people think about traveling, but it is one for Abbie. It may not be a foreign country or a tropical paradise, but Oregon has its own alluring nature.

“I really liked Oregon because it has such different beauty,” Abbie said. “[There’s] beaches [and] mountains and there’s just so much to see. I wasn’t there for very long, so I would love to go back someday.”

While travel is hopefully on her horizon, Abbie still aims to continue her education, and participate in the entire college experience.

“I want to go to a bigger college,” Abbie said, “[one that’s] more well-known. [I want to] experience college life in a dorm but I don’t really have an interest in any specific [college]. 

As of right now, Abbie doesn’t have any particular aspirations for her future career, which leaves her options for education open. A significant part of going to college is getting to meet new people, which Abbie is no stranger to. 

Abbie does crew and is planning to continue doing crew in the spring season. One of the highlights of crew for her is getting to talk to a variety of people.

“[My favorite part of crew is] the people,” Abbie said. “I really like socializing with groups of people that I don’t see every day at school and being able to talk to people in different grades.”

Although she’s had some great memories with the sport, Abbie may not continue with crew after this season. Crew is an extensive time commitment, and Abbie has a multitude of activities she wants to make time for.

Abbie plans to take AP classes next year, which will no doubt take up more of her time; some of which is occupied by crew.

“I feel like especially in the spring, I have no time to do anything,” Abbie said. “I don’t usually have time to see friends or even get some of my schoolwork done, and the weather gets really bad too.”

When she does have free time, Abbie partakes in a variety of pastimes. For example, over winter break, she found herself immersed in some of the things she misses out on during the crew seasons.

“[Over break] I worked and I went to the gym,” Abbie said. “I went to my grandma’s [house] and I did some shopping too. I also hung out with my friends a lot.”

If she does leave crew behind, Abbie plans to continue being active in other ways. She likes spending her time at the gym and especially finds an interest in weightlifting. 

“I do really enjoy weightlifting,” Abbie said. “I think it’s cool to see progress and see how you get stronger.”

As well as staying productive and making time for other things, Abbie could see herself taking up other hobbies, such as sewing. With more time on her hands, there’d be a plethora of new possibilities.

“I think I would like to learn how to sew eventually,” Abbie said. “[I’d like to] make my own clothing and be able to thrift something and make it something that I’d wear or I could sell. I don’t have the time for it right now, but eventually, I think that would be really cool.”