Varsity Wrestling Takes Down Northview in 72-6 Victory

Jake Heilman, Sports Reporter

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Junior Isaac Torrey, junior Keegan Moore and senior BJ Franovic went back-to-back-to-back to wrap up a 72-6 Ranger throttling of the Northview Wildcats Friday night.

Northview presented just five wrestlers giving the Rangers an automatic 48 points and a guaranteed win. The Rangers’ goal of the night was to not overlook their opponent and take it one match at a time.

“The lesson for our guys tonight was this, no matter how many guys they have, whether it be 6 or 60, you approach the match with the same mentality,” head coach Brad Anderson said. “You have to come out serious, focused, and our guys really did that today.”

After three forfeit wins from senior Nick White, sophomore Vaughn Rodriguez and junior Jacob Lenfield, junior Mitchell Strawser was the first to have an opponent on the night. Two minutes into the first period, Mitchell’s opponent went down with what looked to be a serious injury. Anderson later commented and clarified on the occurrence.

The lesson for our guys tonight was this, no matter how many guys they have, whether it be 6 or 60, you approach the match with the same mentality”

— Brad Anderson

“He had what we think was an anxiety attack,” Anderson said. “I’ve never ever seen anything like that in 12 years of coaching, and I don’t think anyone else here today has either. I wish him well, for everything to be okay. He had been cleared yesterday by a doctor to compete, so it was safe for him to wrestle. Although it’s probably in his best interest to be reevaluated.”

After the player was cleared from the mat, the Rangers received four more consecutive forfeits due to lack of numbers on the Wildcats’ part. Senior Ryan Korff was the only Ranger to fall on Friday night.

The Rangers then went three for three on pins, starting with state final hopeful, Isaac Torrey.

“He came out tough, but I weathered the storm well,” Isaac said. “I watched for what he liked to do and came out with a win.”

Keegan Moore then stepped up to the plate, facing an undefeated Northview opponent.  Not only did Keegan give him his first loss of the year, but Keegan pinned him, as well. BJ Franovic came out and did the same, pinning his opponent in just over five minutes.

“Obviously with such small numbers from the other team, you have to keep everything sportsman-like,” Franovic said. “We had to make sure we came out respectfully, because they could have pinned every single one of our guys and still lost. Coming into tonight even with the guaranteed win, you just want to make sure you’re wrestling well. There is nothing worse then going out and knowing you could’ve wrestled better.”

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