Player Profile: Carl Mielock

Player Profile: Carl Mielock

Jack Lorenz, Sports Reporter

Carl Mielock

Grade: 10

Position: Goalie

Favorite Teacher: Ms. Stiles

Favorite Food: Steak

Favorite Song: Sneakin’ by Drake

Favorite Movie of All Time: Step Brothers

When did Carl first play hockey: When he was 4 years old

Biggest Influences: His parents and his coaches

Favorite Sport to Watch: Hockey

Favorite College: Michigan State University

Favorite Athlete: Petr Mrazek

One person Carl would want to spend a day with: Carey Price

Four things that people don’t know about Carl: 

  1. He wears contacts.

      2. He is flexible.

      3. He uses edge protech.

      4. He has 3 younger brothers.

Favorite quote about hockey:Great moments are born from great opportunity.”

How Carl would describe the team chemistry: “The team chemistry is awesome; we are like family.”

Funniest guy on the team: Zak Currie