Winterfest Court Q&As: Sophie Kovacevich

How do you feel about being on Winterfest court? 

“I’m super excited. I’m really excited to show off our lip sync. We’ve been working really hard. Everybody’s been super nice and I’m just really happy with everything.”

What was your reaction to the announcement? 

“I was kind of shocked because I wasn’t really expecting it. I was really happy about it though.”

How will Winterfest night play out for you? 

“We’re gonna start off the night by getting ready with my friends. We’re going to go over to her house, and then we’re going to pictures down in Grand Rapids, and we did something different this year. Instead of going out to dinner, we had dinner catered to us. We’re [going] back to my friend’s house, and we’re keeping it pretty low-key, nothing too fancy, and then we’ll go to the dance and hang out for the rest of the night.”

Who do you think should have been nominated? 

“I think everybody up there deserved to be nominated. That’s what I had in my mind because everybody up there is super friendly, super nice, and I think they deserve that.”

Explain why people should vote for you as queen? 

“I don’t really know exactly why, but I’m pretty friendly. I’d say to other people it’d be a cool experience, but vote for whoever you want.”

What is your favorite senior year memory? 

“When we went to Ford Field for football, that was really exciting because I got to cheer there and it was so fun. [We] stunted in the stands and [got to] see everybody, and it was such an out-of-world experience.”

Would you ever go skydiving?

“No, [definitely not].”

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