Player Profile: Hailey Beaufait


Kyle Peirce, Sports Reporter

Hailey Beaufait
Grade: 12
Sport: Bowling
Five things people don’t know about Hailey:
  • She lived in Germany for 7 years
  • She’s been skiing in Switzerland
  • She started bowling her junior year
  • Her favorite animal is a penguin
  • She was born in Orlando, Florida
Hailey’s favorite part of bowling at FHC:
“My favorite part of bowling is the atmosphere and the experience I’ve had these past two years. Every day at practice is different, and the people that do it make it really enjoyable.”
 Hailey’s favorite memory from bowling:
“The multiple tournaments we went to last year and how well we did as a team was nice.”
College options:
Grand Valley State University, Western Michigan University
Favorite class:
Senior Composition
Favorite book:
The Great Gatsby
Favorite movie:
Favorite teacher:
Mrs. Stiles
Favorite sport: