Player Profile: Daniel Deindorfer


Will Kuiper, Sports Reporter

Daniel Deindorfer, popularly nicknamed “Dorf” by many and “The Diesel” by few, is a center on the FHC varsity basketball team. He was inserted into the starting lineup against NorthPointe Christian in the Cornerstone Tournament. Since then, FHC has won three straight behind his dominant post play and rebounding.

Five things people didn’t know about him:

  • He started playing basketball in the 4th grade, competitively in the 6th.
  • He has won the AAU state championship and took 2nd at AAU Nationals.
  • He has two cats and one dog.
  • His favorite basketball player is LeBron James.
  • He likes to travel places away from Michigan.

Favorite part of basketball at FHC:

He loves winning big games against great opponents when his team is the underdog. These moments make the whole season and show the team’s hard work paying off.

Favorite memory from basketball this season:

Finding out he would make varsity.

Favorite Class: 

Media Comm. & Chemistry

Favorite Book:  

The Graveyard Book

Favorite Movie: 

Shawshank Redemption

Favorite Teacher:

They’re all good at FHC.

Favorite event at FHC:

Attending football games