Player Profile: Bryce Gerondale

Player Profile: Bryce Gerondale

Sean Wing, Sports Report

Bryce Gerondale

Grade: 12

Sport: Hockey

Three things you don’t know about Bryce:

1. He has visited 45 of the 50 US states.

2. He likes to sleep with his dogs in their kennel.

3. He brushes his teeth four times a day and takes two showers a day.

College choice:

He is deciding between Aquinas, Michigan State, and Notre Dame.

Favorite class:

Senior Composition is his favorite class, because it gives him the opportunity to write papers on topics that are meaningful.

Favorite Book:

His favorite book is Trump Talk. This book explains Donald Trump’s vision for America, and it is very emotional and motivational for him. He recommends this book to anyone interested in politics.

Favorite hockey team memory:

His favorite hockey memories are womping out to dubstep music with Jacob Demeter before games. This fires everyone up and gives them adrenaline rushes. Bryce said the games are fun, but the best hockey memories are made in the locker room.

Goal for the year:

“This year we are raising the bar. Our expectations this year involve: winning conference, conquering Regionals and Districts, and then, taking home the hardware of the state championship.”