Above and “Beyond” my expectations

Above and Beyond my expectations

Emma Beck, Staff Writer

Free Forms newest show Beyond breaks through my low expectations with outstanding reviews. This is truly a show has gone above and beyond my anticipations. This nail-biting show will keep you in suspense. The game of trying to guess what will happen next by using the little hidden messages will make you look back and rethink what you thought you knew.

Beyond follows a boy named Holden (Burkley Duffield), who wakes up from a coma after 12 years. He wakes up like it’s a normal day, but shocks the world around him. Over a very short period of time, Holden discovers his new special abilities that propel him into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy. He will have to figure out who he can trust, who he should be afraid of and where he was while in a coma. His mother, Diane Matthews (Romy Rosemont), doesn’t know what to do, his father, Tom Matthews (Michael McGrady) tries to give him his life back and his now all grown up brother, Luke Matthews (Jonathan Whitesell) just wants him to live again. Holden has flashbacks and memories of what has happened to him in those 12 years, but the puzzle pieces are so scrambled up that he must find help. Along the way, he meets a girl who claims she can help him. Willa (Dilan Gwyn) crosses paths with Holden multiple times in the first episode, saying she knows who he is because she was with him in those 12 years he was away. Willa tries to gain Holden’s trust and remind him of who and what he is.

Executive producers Tim Kring, David Eick and the show’s creator Adam Nussdorf do an amazing job capturing the audience from Holden’s point of view by connecting them with his emotions and bringing them through Holden’s ups and downs. There are action packed scenes and also scenes that show deep emotions. I will admit that there are some parts where I had to rewind to and take a moment to think about, but in the end, most of them were explained by the one-on-one question and answer sessions during commercials.

With each passing episode, there is a cliff hanger at the end, causing me to beg for more. What will become of Holden? Who can he trust? Who exactly is Willa? There are so many questions that I have that can only be answered by waiting and watching what comes next.