The Cannes Film Festival is elegant once again


The Cannes Film Festival is a 12-day event for film lovers and creators alike to appreciate the art of film to the fullest extent. The event draws in a surge of superstars and filmmakers. It is a whirlpool of opportunity for anyone in the art industry. Filmmakers are eager to present their work and possibly express new ideas while the actors come prepared to strut the red carpet and represent their films. It is truly a magical night and one of the most picturesque film events given that there is a classic, vibrant red carpet for A-list Hollywood stars to walk with never-ending flashing lights from the hundreds of photographers. 

Fashion is also feeling like your best self and dressing for the occasion.

To the outside world, this is another event to judge the outfits of those attending. It is similar to the Grammys, the Oscars, and the Brit Awards in the sense that they are all occasions for celebrities’ fashion sense to be put on display. The festival isn’t just a fashion event but rather one of the most extravagant ways to show respect for the creation of film. The event, most importantly, is a place to value those who are persistent about their work and want to spread the wealth of creativity. 

Over the decades, fashion lovers have kept up with the recent fashion trends on the red carpet and integrated the red carpet trends from the past. Some of the most iconic looks come from actresses like Blake Lively, Elle Fanning, and the Italian actress from the 90s, Monica Bellucci. All of these women and the others that attended live up to the class and style that is expected on the red carpet. Fashion is an art form of freedom, but at the same time, a statement doesn’t always need to be made. Fashion is also feeling like your best self and dressing for the occasion. When we wear clothes, it’s for a purpose, and therefore, occasions like the Cannes Film Festival have a purpose that

 must be upheld elegantly. 

Unfortunately, the fashion this year was underwhelming or even mediocre. There were some outfits that were way too casual. I was in shock looking at some of the choices that were made. The worst fashion fail was made by Maya Hawke, the young star who has been in the hit series Stranger Things, who seemed to miss the mark of classic elegance. I think she has great style overall, but something did not feel right about the combination of aqua-blue gloves, a short green dress, and white shiny high-heeled boots. The boots resemble a pair you would see in a go-go girl costume. I can understand her being more on the edgy side, but I think that if she was trying to do that, a basic pair of white platform heels would have been so-called ‘cool’ for an event like this.  

The stars of this event include the effortlessly beautiful Natalie Portman and Jennifer Lawrence. These two swept everyone off their feet with the amazing gowns they wore. Portman wore a custom Dior gown that paid homage to the 1949-1950 autumn and winter collection. The ivory beaded top with a feather-like navy and white skirt complemented the actress so well. The other eye-catching look came from Lawrence; the long red dress, red lipstick, and blown-out blonde hair created the ultimate bombshell look. It gave off the element of classic Hollywood event attire.  

All in all, there could have been a lot more brought to the table. There are decades of inspiration for celebrities to pull from. No matter what is trendy and what is chic at the time, nothing can beat elegance. The Cannes Film Festival should be a night to dress to impress.