What AI will hold for the new generation


The world of technology is constantly welcoming new ideas. One of the most scary, yet intriguing is the expansion of AI. Artificial intelligence(AI) is a machine that learns technology and then processes and generates information without being unequivocally programmed. It is an area within computer science that is taking the world by storm with the precise application of human skills to machines and technology. 

AI can be a helping hand but it should not take over our society. 

Human intelligence is one of a kind and the accuracy of these machines is slightly terrifying. These machines are learning algorithms from data in order for choices and predictions to be made without being explicitly programmed to do so. The idea that human intelligence is being mimicked so well is sometimes unfathomable. 

Between now and 2030 there will be a surge of AI with an increase of 37.3% in usage, according to Forbes. One significant impact of this is job fluctuation, Forbes wrote that 400 million workers would be out of jobs due to AI, but AI will create 97 million jobs. This still leaves a huge gap of 303 million people without jobs. Most of these new jobs include software engineers and data engineers, all to support the stability of AI.  

According to Forbes, the AI market will reach $407 billion, this being a huge increase compared to past predictions in 2022. This market includes not just what is held within your computer and phone but many other things; for example, your car has the chance of being taken over by AI. Forbes stated that one in 10 cars will be self-driving by 2030 and that is not very far away if we really think about it. When I envision this I picture a robot just taking the wheel. In reality, it is not that absurd. It could be helpful, by possibly decreasing deathly car accidents or traffic jams. 

Imagine you are going to a super crowded event, for instance, a concert. There are bound to be so many people all trying to find relatively close parking spots to the show. Nobody wants to show up early for a good sport to then wait forever for the show to start, but nobody wants to get there on time just to deal with a crowd of stressed people trying to park. AI could help in a scenario like this. The car could drop you off where you need to go, leave to go find parking somewhere within a 1-3 mile radius, and then come back to pick you up. 

Minor issues similar to this make the support for AI a lot stronger, but is it all worth it? Do we want our lives to be controlled and guided by algorithms? It is something we need to question more as a society. Yes, technological advancements like this are world-changing but I don’t think it is a change that is necessary. I think that some of the AI benefits should be implemented but I don’t want AI to take over society. 

With social media, I don’t know what our world would look like without it today. I don’t want that same narrative and regret surrounding AI within the next 20 years.  AI can be a helping hand but it should not take over our society.