Destruction of Beauty through Media and Society


Media not only changes the values and viewpoints of the people in our society, but it completely demolishes them. First off, why would anyone let him or herself become exactly the same as every other person? Society says that we should try and fit in and look the same as the other girls in doing so.

Media puts the idea in today’s young girls’ heads that to be pretty they need to look like all these socialites who wear layers of makeup, have surgery done on themselves to enhance their bodies, and even starve themselves. This isn’t pretty. In reality, it’s changing everything about yourself to please others, which is, in fact, ugly. Not only do you lose all individuality, but doing these things and thinking this way is very harmful to your self-esteem.

Media makes girls think that we must be a fake barbie doll character who just stands there and looks pretty. TV shows that star the Kardashians with their superficial beliefs, surgery altered bodies, and caked on makeup mold young women’s values. It can cause girls to diet and starve themselves. It makes them value the way they look above all else. Women should not have to try so hard to feel beautiful in todays society. Women shouldn’t have to try so hard to please anyone but ourselves based upon our looks. But women do because they feel self conscious and want to fit in.

We should not value these things nor should we look at other girls with disgust because they believe in individuality and refuse to change the way they look to be society’s definition of beautiful.