FHC Teacher Cadet program is a rewarding experience


Reflecting back on my very first day is unbelievable, and I can’t even believe how much time has passed between spending time with my placement classroom. It feels as if it was yesterday. And now the fact that all of this is coming to an end saddens me. I feel sad about the fact that I won’t be able to see the students anymore, nor have that connection that all students build with their teachers. Walking into class on my first day was honestly scary, and I didn’t know what to do. I felt as if I was walking into a brand new setting with no familiarity. I didn’t know anyone there, my mentor teacher that I had met the day before, so it felt like I was the “new kid” in school.

My mentor teacher introduced me and I said hi to all of the students, mentioning a few things about myself. Then I proceeded to take a seat and watch the rest of class, many students stared and questioned me, but for the most part, I was left alone to observe the many class functions. I didn’t speak much and wasn’t asked many questions, leaving me to myself, alone in my seat.

Looking back to how I acted in the beginning towards my students at the end of this course, I am so much more open and less intimidated towards the students. The students were more willing to ask me questions and were wishing to have me help them more. I also noticed that I, myself, am a lot more assertive and sure of myself. I developed a lot more confidence in my answers and didn’t hesitate when replying to the students. I noticed myself going the extra mile for my students, making sure that the information was being obtained. As a student, I feel I have grown to absorb more information in a myriad of ways and have endured many different ways of finding those. I became a much more flexible student who was willing to do whatever was needed to help grasp the information needed to be understood. Me being there also offered the students a different perspective on learning and how to work through the problems. I would show the students different ways to get their answers, assuring them they will get their answer. That is how I think I changed them by broadening their perspectives in solving and trusting people’s authority.

The most valuable thing that I have learned in this pre-teaching program was that every student is different, they are all going at different paces and learning their own ways”

The most valuable thing I have learned in this pre-teaching program is that every student is different, they are all going at different paces and learning their own ways. I always have known this, but to see it first hand has really changed my thoughts on how difficult it is to teach to students who each have a different ways of understanding and retaining the information. I have grown to love teaching a lot more through this experience. Having the ability to help a student understand a concept and give them the gift of information is truly amazing. I don’t think that teachers get a lot of credit for the amount of work that they have to do not only inside of the classroom but also outside of it. They have grading, lesson planning, and so much more to keep track of.

As for my class placement, I wouldn’t change it for the world, they have welcomed me and opened up to me so willingly. I have grown attached to these students, developing connections with them. They are such kind and sweet eighth graders, they are the reason I am beyond happy that I chose to go through this program. The students have shown me that difference is good and anyone can do something, even if all odds are against them. They have shown me just how much growth can take place inside of a classroom. I am really proud and thankful for all of the experiences I have come across through this program. The students I have met along the way will always hold a special place in my heart for they have impacted me so dearly. I will never be able to forget them nor their smiling face when I used to walk through the door.