The power of words

The power of words

The words people say to or around others can be impactful. A large issue with a lot of humans is that we don’t think before we speak. Sometimes, we get caught up in the excitement of conversations, but sometimes, without even realizing it, we slip a particular word we tried so hard not to say or that secret we promised we wouldn’t tell. The effect those small, inconsequential words that seem to mean absolutely nothing can make all the difference to someone else. Words can cause someone’s entire world to crumble.

A name. An adjective. Calling someone a name can be hurtful. It makes the person on the receiving end feel inferior. That simple word can cause someone to have feelings that they would never wish upon others, like fat, ugly, dumb, annoying. These words and so many others can bring people to the lowest point of their self-esteem. These words can affect the way someone sees himself. Words have the ability to tear someone’s wall right down.

You promised not to tell. You swore that the secret your best friend trusted you with would never escape your lips. But what happened? You told, and now someone is hurt, and your best friend no longer trusts you.

But in no world is it their fault that the toxic word slipped out and damaged them; it is your fault.”

You’re joking around with your sister and without even thinking, you say it. The word. The word that has the complete power to tear her life apart. Why is that funny? Why would you even think to say such a thing? What could have possibly possessed you to think that would be an okay thing to say? But it happened. You said it, and you hurt her. She is now not only upset with you for saying the forbidden word, but she is upset with herself, for being the way that would cause someone to say the word. But in no world is it their fault that the toxic word slipped out and damaged them; it is your fault.

Words are impactful. Be careful with what you say, as they can change everything. Use them well.