Player Profile: Charlotte Delaney

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Player Profile: Charlotte Delaney

Alaina Tubbs, Sports Reporter

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Charlotte Delaney

Grade: 10

Sport: Basketball

Five interesting facts about Charlotte:

  • She went to a Greek charter school when she was younger
  • She loves fries
  • She has lived in five different states
  • She is very susceptible to sunburn
  • She is fairly clumsy

Favorite Basketball Memory: “Getting ready before the games and doing jump balls.”

Goals For The Rest Of The Season: “My individual goal is to get better offensively.”

College Options/Favorite College: Michigan State University

Best Childhood Memory: “Catching cray fish in the river behind my house in Delaware.”

Favorite Movie: Unsure

Favorite Song: Kings of Summer – Ayokay

Favorite Food: Fries

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