Why I live for life


Succulent plant, Echeveria species, in pot.

If you were to walk into my bedroom, it is likely that the first thing you would notice is the abundance of plants: 30 to be exact. They are assorted in different sizes, shapes, and colors. There are cacti, vines, succulents, and air plants covering my desk, dressers, nightstands, and shelves, literally taking over all of the free space in my room.

Shooting right up out of that dirt, reminding me that everything will be okay.”

Why? Why bother? They are expensive on their own, plus the assortments of pots, teacups, and saucers found everywhere are from anywhere between Target to Goodwill. It all adds up, and while I definitely get some given to me as gifts, there is still a lot of money poured into these tiny, living things. So, why?

I can give you no better answer than they simply make me happy. They are tiny green beings that not only filter out the COa�� and provide me with oxygen, but give me joy as they do it. They make everything in my room, the one space in the world that I truly feel is mine, a little bit better, and a little bit brighter. It brings a little more light and quite frankly, a little more life. On the days where I feel as if everything was hitting the dirt, they are still there, shooting right up out of that dirt reminding me that everything will be okay, so long as I keep on growing.

Each plant has its own look to it, and each cactus is its own type of spine, doing its own job to protect itself by making its food and growing. Sometimes, that’s all I need to look over and see. If my little plants are doing their own thing, it reminds me that sometimes, that’s all I need to do, too.