A coffee snob’s guide to the best java in Forest Hills

A coffee snobs guide to the best java in Forest Hills

If you know me, whether you are my best friend or even just a brief acquaintance, you probably know that I have a slight obsession with coffee. I am a sucker for a satisfying vanilla latte, a specialty drink, or even just plain, black coffee. Coffee, for me, is the only thing that gets me through the day, so in order for me to be successful, my morning joe has to satisfy on all levels.

Biggby: To start off, one of my favorite chain coffee stops is Biggby Coffee, and they always impress me with the satisfactory java that I am served. At Biggby, I typically enjoy a specialty latte that is offered. My usual holiday favorite was the Peppermint Stick Mocha Latte, but as of recently, I have been enjoying their iconic Teddy Bear latte. With the heart-warming taste of caramel and white chocolate, this classic coffee can never disappoint. One of my favorite parts about going to Biggby, besides the coffee, is the cheerful attitudes of all the baristas. They always serve your coffee with a smile, and some of them get to know the regulars, like me.

Starbucks: Starbucks is the coffee store that you can never seem to escape. Whether you are at the mall shopping with friends or even just doing a little grocery shopping, Starbucks is there for you to grab a cup of happiness. I do enjoy Starbucks coffee, but it seems so stereotypical and basic that I have become bored with the same drinks that I order each time I visit. Between the service, the atmosphere, or the coffee in general, Starbucks doesn’t seem to give me joy that I encounter at competing coffee shops; honestly, I think that their coffee is adequate. I do enjoy the archetypal Pumpkin Spice Latte in the fall or Peppermint Mocha in the winter, but the plain black coffee isn’t something that would keep me coming back.

While I do tend to frequent a couple of these spots more than the others, I do enjoy all four of these coffee shops.”

Nonna’s Pantry: Nonna’s is located in the heart of downtown Ada and is one of my favorite spots to either stop in for a quick latte or sit down and get work done. The baristas are very conscientious of what goes into your coffee; I have had one woman remake the espresso a few times to make sure it tasted perfect for me. At Nonna’s, I typically order a classic vanilla latte and I am never disappointed. Their smooth espresso paired with vanilla flavoring is the perfect start to my day. I never hesitate to suggest meeting someone at Nonna’s for a cup of coffee because of the small-town atmosphere and cozy interior. The coffee is great, but so is everything else. Whenever I leave Nonna’s, I leave in a good mood.

Jama��n Bean: Located just across the street from Nonna’s Pantry in Ada (and another location in Cascade) is Jama��n Bean. Jama��n Bean is home to a relaxed environment that is music themed. It creates a welcoming atmosphere that can be appreciated by anyone; although, the prices are a bit high compared to other coffee shops. It may seem like they are around the same price, but I think Jama��n Bean’s prices are higher for a small cup of coffee or other drink. The vanilla latte I sampled from this particular location was enjoyable, but not the best ever. In my opinion, it wasn’t worth the six dollars I paid for it. I do find all of the unique options that Jama��n Bean has to offer amusing. It creates a new style of drinks that you can’t get elsewhere and makes you want to stop by again.

While I do tend to frequent a couple of these spots more than the others, I do enjoy all four of these coffee shops. Biggby is my go-to spot (that I visit at least three times a week) for a fun pick-me-up latte because of the cheerful staff members, wonderful coffee, and the fact that always leaving with a smile on my face.