Seniors clinch a macho volleyball victory

Seniors clinch a macho volleyball victory

Ali Czarnecki, Sports Reporter

After a three game battle between the junior and senior boys in the Macho volleyball game at FHC, the seniors came out with the win. The seniors displayed dominance and continued their reign. With high hopes from both sides, the first game began with the seniors taking an early lead. As ball control and aggressive hitting continued, the juniors dug themselves into a hole that they could not get out of. In the first game, the seniors won 25-19.

With motivation and eagerness to win, the juniors retaliated in the second game. They started off with a nine point lead, and eventually pulled through with a 25-12 win. Although they were the younger bunch, their strategies and careful placement on the court got them a win in the second.

Starting again with an even slate, the third game began in the seniors favor. The seniors never turned back, as they coasted to an easy win.

Although the juniors attempted to fight back, the seniors power and apparent drive to win gave them the upper hand. Grant Bardelli, a very dominant back row player for the juniors, gave all he had.

“We played a lot better than we did in practice,” Grant said. “We did a lot better than I expected, and I think next year is going to be our year.”

During the second game, Grant and his teammates controlled every aspect.

“The real turning point in the game was definitely when Seth and Jace went in,” he said. “They really performed and proved that they deserved to be on the court.”

In charge of the seniors, was winning coach Reese Weslow. She was a huge part of the win.

“I thought we did really well; we served really good which is a big part of the game,” Reese said. “Our defense did really well also. Justin [James] and John [Fuller] were great defenders, because they are so tall. We struggled in game two because of our lack of communication.”

A prominent player throughout the game was senior Reed Aleck. Reed, standing at 6’4″, 225 lbs hovered over the net, making it hard for the juniors to score.

“I thought the team really pulled it together tonight for the dub,” Reed said. “We had good unity and team play which really brought together our senior class.”

Reed played a lot in the second game during the seniors only loss, but he kept the momentum rolling.

“We definitely deserved the win,” Reed said. “We gave them the second game just for fun. We knew we had it all along. We’re pretty pumped, and now we’re going to go celebrate at Applebee’s.”