Online classes take over the Traditional Class system


A noticeable change in FHC classrooms this year has been the lack of students. Teachers are worried and concerned about these numbers, yet there is nothing they can do but watch as the numbers of students in their classes decrease. The question of where these students go has risen; if they’re not in classrooms, then where are they? One word: online. Online classes are taking over the education system.

With this surge of students leaving the traditional style of classes, Amy Singer, the online course mentor, is left overwhelmed and shocked at the number of students switching.

“Many students are taking classes because they can’t take face-to-face environment at FHC,” Singer said. “By face-to-face, I am referring to confrontations of teachers and students and collaborative environments. Online students don’t have to deal with any of this. They are simply on their own. The perks of going at your own rate and not having to come to class [for seniors] definitely helps. This semester alone I have about 200 students.”

Yes, a more individual concept is a reason as to why students are switching. But, the reason as to why this semester, more than ever, has students switching is a deeper problem. Senior Daniel Slaw believes he knows the reason for the shift that occurred this semester.

“This is the only semester that we have not used Class Choice,” Daniel said. “I believe that not allowing students to use class choice has caused this.”

Senior Erin Neely is an example of Daniel’s theory. She was forced to take online classes due to schedule conflicts and the lack of a choice in what she wanted to take and which teacher she wanted. Her main reason for all this conflict was the lack of Class Choice, she is just one of the students who was deeply affected by this change.

“My schedule was locked in and I needed another class,” Erin said. “I really liked the flexibility and choice that I was offered with online [classes]. I was given options that I would not have been able to have if I went ahead with the traditional class style.”

I am not at all surprised to see a significant increase in the number of students taking online classes this semester.

“I am not at all surprised to see a significant increase in the number of students taking online classes this semester,” said Senior Nicholas Ettinger. “I believe that students tend to think that online classes are easier than in-school courses. For seniors, there is certainly an appeal to being able to leave school early, which also helps contribute to the increase. Lastly, I think that people are just hearing more about online classes from their peers; if they want to take a class not offered in school, they now know that they have the opportunity to do so.”

Online classes do provide more options for classes to take, flexibility, and the options of not having to come for seniors. They have a lot of advantages, which is frightening for many teachers as they are seeing the overwhelming amount of students transferring in.

“Our teachers are all outstanding, and I always prefer to take courses in school if they are available,” Nicholas said. “However, as of right now, I just feel like there are more opportunities for students available outside of the classroom.”