Winterfest princes and princesses announced


Along with Senior Winterfest King and Queen, underclassmen Princes and Princesses are crowned. Two people from each grade are nominated to be crowned as Princes and Princess, where they are introduced at the school assembly and also recognized at the basketball games on Friday. We interviewed each Prince and Princess to get to know what their favorite part of Winterfest Week is and also how they feel about being crowned.



Tommy Hendricks

“It was a pretty big surprise, but I am really happy about it!”

Meredith Carpenter

“I didn’t think that I was going to be chosen or that people would vote for me, but I am really excited and happy.”


Will Clancy

“I am excited to be on court, and I think it’ll be fun!”

Charlotte Partak

“I was really surprised when they called my name and I am really grateful that my class nominated me.”


Peyton Herbert

“I was really surprised. I didn’t think that it was actually going to be me. I heard people talking about [my nomination], but I thought they were joking.”

Hannah Anderson

“Earlier in the day some people were joking around about how because I was wearing a hunting outfit that I was going to get called to the office and get checked for bullets or something,” Hannah said. “When I was actually called to the office I thought it was for that and I was really surprised when they told me I was winterfest princess.”