Why Split is one of my new favorites


Walking into the theater I felt a mix of both excitement and nervousness. Not only was I seeing Split because I was interested in it, but also because it’s what everyone else wanted to see. However, seeing Split was something I will never regret and I know I will watch it again.

Without giving spoilers, the general plot of Split is about a man with many personalities that vary in age, gender, mental capability, and physical strength. As one of his personalities, he kidnaps three girls around the age of 17 or 18 years old. Two of the three, Claire and Marcia, are what are assumed to be interpreted as the popular, outgoing girls while the other, Casey Cook, is shy and introverted. While the two show courage in one way, they make dumb mistakes that place them in unfortunate situations.

Casey Cook is the main protagonist. She shows courage in a way that the two others could only dream of. She, in the end, is the one to take the bravest steps and it was amazing to see that sometimes the shyest one is sometimes the most courageous one, too.

Another notable character is Dr. Karen Fletcher, an older woman, who is the man’s psychiatrist. She shows a lot of bravery when she sees that the man is acting rather strange and goes to the home and discovers the three girls being held captive. I like how this character shows how you can be courageous at any age.

I would also like to personally applaud James McAvoy for his amazing depiction of someone with a severe dissociative identity disorder. Seeing him go back and forth between personalities in one take is truly astonishing. He portrays four main personalities: Dennis, who has a severe case of obsessive-compulsive disorder; Ms. Patricia, a strict English woman; Hedwig, a goofy nine-year-old boy; and Barry a fashion designer who is the most normal of the four.

If you enjoy watching movies full of suspense and uncertainty, I would suggest that you see the movie Split. It brings the idea of mental illness to the forefront – where it belongs.