IHOP provides great breakfast food whenever

IHOP provides great breakfast food whenever

I’m a firm believer that breakfast food is whenever food, and what better time to get breakfast for dinner than Winterfest night? Personally, it had been years since I last went, and I was craving pancakes just as much as anyone in the group. IHOP is a classic breakfast location, time-tested and proven to fulfill your food needs. With a hungry group of friends, I set off to IHOP, ready for pancakes and delicious breakfast food.

The restaurant wasn’t too crowded for a Saturday night, and we were seated within a matter of minutes. Our server came very quickly and was very polite, getting our drinks and bringing them out quickly. One small thing that alarmed me was the fact that the restaurant was so quiet; even if we weren’t being that loud, our group of five was definitely the most active in the restaurant. When the time came to order, I decided to switch it up; instead of just going for “normal” pancakes with plain syrup, I decided to follow a suggestion of putting peanut butter on chocolate chip pancakes, a choice I most definitely do not regret making.

Our waitress cooperated very well with our bizarre order consisting of burgers, pancakes, pickles and more, and she even got a good laugh out of it. Our food arrived in a timely manner, and we couldn’t have waited for more than ten minutes. My pancakes arrived hot, and there was more than enough peanut butter for my use. The stack of four pancakes was topped with powdered sugar and a dollop of whipped cream, looking traditional and familiar.

After spreading the peanut butter between every layer of pancakes, I quickly started into the stack. The chocolate chips were melty and warm, and the peanut butter between each layer was a delicious change. The inclusion of the powdered sugar on top added another sweet touch, and while to pancakes were very dense, this was to be expected considering it was a stack of four. My main complaint with this meal would have to be the fact that I couldn’t finish it, even though I came to the restaurant hungry. However, the entire meal was a meager eight dollars, a price I’m more than willing to pay again for this meal.

In conclusion, if you’re ever out and on the search for good breakfast food, I highly recommend going to IHOP. They have a great selection for whatever you might want to eat, and it’s all reasonably priced. Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, IHOP is one restaurant that I can and will suggest, as long as the experience stays the same.