One Tree Hill captures the hearts of many


Payton Field , Assistant Managing Editor of Marketing

Being able to binge watch an entire Netflix series in a short amount of time is one of my guilty, but pleasureable, talents. It’s usually pretty hard for me to really enjoy and “get into” a show. Once I finished the iconic shows of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars, you could say it was hard for me to find a suitable replacement. After days of searching for a new show, my heart settled on one that had met my high standards: One Tree Hill.

The show centers around 5 central characters; Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray), Nathan Scott (James Lafferty), Peyton Sawyer (Hilarie Burton), Haley James (Bethany Joy Lenz), and Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush). Lucas’s birth father left his mother when he was born, married a new woman, Deb, who then together had Nathan. Peyton and Brooke rotate dating Lucas throughout the seasons, and all the while Lucas and Nathan compete for a spot on the Tree Hill Ravens basketball team.

Murray playing Lucas Scott is captivating and charming. His generous and benevolent character captures the hearts of almost every girl, including myself.

Burton playing Peyton Sawyer shows the darkness of being unhappy. Her drawings express pain and talent, which is interesting to see and isn’t typical in a high school teen’s character.

Together, Peyton and Lucas make the “ultimate power couple” and balance each other out. They each bring happiness into each other’s lives and help each other through tough times. Their relationship throughout the series is complicated, continuing to end and start back up many times.

The show itself is nothing out of the ordinary though. It has an average plotline, in a typical setting, and ordinary characters with mysterious pasts. It’s length borderlines too long and portrays the idealistic hopes that many teens aspire to have. But then what is it that makes this show so unbelievably time consuming? What makes this show so great?

Honestly, I believe the reason that this show is so popular is because it shows the harsh realities of life, while still capturing the glimmering hope for romance and perfect friendship. It shows the reality of high school cheerleaders, and how they don’t always meet the stereotype. It shows how two people that grow up hating each other can become unlikely allies. It shows compassion and perspective. One Tree Hill not only captures the hearts of teens swooning over the Scott brothers, but also because it depicts high school for something other than “the best four years of your life.”

So, if you’re looking for a feel-good and new show to watch, check out One Tree Hill on Netflix and be prepared to be completely and utterly infatuated.