A journey to finding a steady source of happiness


A list of nice sounds:

  • Steady raindrops
  • Turning pages of a book
  • Coffee being poured
  • Skate blades on ice
  • Typing
  • Hearing a smile in someone’s voice
  • Sleepy voices

Sounds constantly zoom around us. Sounds constantly zoom around us in different forms, different languages, different patterns. Satisfying sounds, annoying sounds, relaxing sounds, steady sounds. Sounds that make one happy are unique to a person.

What to do when feeling bored with life:

  • Organize your bedroom/study space
  • Go for a drive
  • Change your hair
  • Dance around your room
  • Go out to lunch with friends
  • Laugh like there is no one else around
  • Sing your favorite song. Loudly.

It is easy to feel like your life is becoming too steady; your life should always be full of things that can make you happy and relaxed. You shouldn’t have to feel bored in your own life. In your own life you can do things that you can control. Spice it up a bit, feel new again.

How to be successful (my version):

  • Take the time to curl your hair, you’ll feel glamorous all day
  • Perfect your winged eyeliner; it’s a life skill
  • Grab a five dollar iced vanilla latte from Starbucks, it’ll be worth it
  • Hold the door for someone; even the smallest gesture can brighten someone’s day
  • Have another slice of pizza and ignore anyone who gives you a weird look
  • A little retail therapy is sometimes all you need
  • Be the person who smiles at babies in the checkout line just for the chance to make them smile back. It will make you, the baby, and the adult with them happier
  • Avoid those who bring negative thoughts into your life; they probably aren’t worth it

Take some extra time for yourself because the first person’s happiness that you need to worry about is your own. Don’t let someone tell you that you shouldn’t do something that is completely harmless to your well-being. If it will make your day a bit better, it should be okay.

Things that I really like:

  • New York City (or spending time in any city; GR, Chicago, etc.)
  • Coffee
  • Reading
  • Organizing
  • Being alone, but not being lonely
  • Late night conversations
  • Chocolate cake
  • The smell of the air between summer and fall
  • Taking walks through small towns
  • Curling up in a corner with a cup of coffee or tea, with soft pillows and blankets, with soft music playing, and a good book in my hands

A short list of pleasurable tastes, smells, places, and things. These are unique to me and these make me happy. It’s important to find your own list of things you like. Thinking, breathing, eating, sleeping, laughing. Find people to share your good things with.

Self-Help – Matt Heig

“How to stop time: kiss

How to travel in time: read

How to escape time: music

How to feel time: write

How to release time: breathe”

Happiness is all about what you do in the time you are offered. Time is a serious matter that needs to be controlled differently sometimes. Sometimes it needs to be stopped or traveled in or escaped or felt or released in order to achieve happiness.

A happy place of mine:

Sitting in a coffee shop drinking a latte. If I’m by myself I would either be writing or reading a book. If I am with a friend, we would have nice conversations, nothing too heavy. It might be raining outside; rain makes every place seem cozier.