The night is a time for learning


I am a night person.

I enjoy the shroud of darkness, the calamity of being alone. There’s something exhilarating about it; some sort of freedom. Things are different at night, whether that be the roads, the sky, or people’s thoughts. The fact of the matter is, life moves at a different pace at night, and I am a person who prefers to be under the blanket that is the dark skies.

It’s the inability to see that allows people to actually understand more. Instead of walking down a road because it looks appealing, someone can walk down that same path in the darkness and think about the journey. Instead of thinking about the physical beauty of the road we’re walking, darkness allows for philosophical thinking on why we are going the way in which we choose to go.

We are alone at night. No one is there to guide you through the darkness, the mystery. Things are silent. We can only hear our own thoughts, something that, justly, terrifies most people. Yet for some reason, the ability to be alone and reflect on our lives is incredibly comforting to me. For me, the midnight hours are the best time to relax. I enjoy reflection on the past, and thoughts for the future. At night, there is nothing stopping me; I am constantly in control.

Night is a metaphor for life – we cannot see where we are going; yet, we still trudge on. We are afraid. We are afraid because we don’t know, we don’t understand, so our first instinct is to be afraid. However, there is no reason for fear. The night gives time. Time to learn. Time to know. Time to listen. The night isn’t something to run away from or something to avoid; the night should be cherished, sought after, enjoyed, even.

Don’t turn on the light and run. Learn from the darkness. Enjoy the silence. Relish in the thoughts of the night.

I am a night person, and I have learned from the dark.