Movies and what I love about them

Movies and what I love about them

Movies. I love movies; there is no doubt about it. They are, in my opinion, better than TV shows. Sure there are some TV shows that are pretty good, but they always seem to either A) go on forever or B) stop short after season one. While a movie can be watched in one sitting, most shows take, me personally, at least two weeks to complete. Movies are, in other words, a breath of fresh country air after a day in New York City.

At first, films that were shown in 1890’s were under a minute long and shown in black and white, and until 1927, motion pictures were produced without sound. In 1939, when movies started to be made in technicolor everything changed. They have been around for generations and are a way for people to escape their daily life. During the great depression, people would go and watch movies for hours on end escaping the tragedy of the world around them.

Almost everyone I know likes to watch a good or interesting movie on a dreary, cold, rainy day. Whether it be sitting at home curled up on the couch with a jumbo bowl of lightly salted and buttered popcorn, or taking a trip to the cinema to enjoy a movie enlarged on a 45 by 50 ft screen with the surround sound. They are always a nice way to take a break from your day and just sit back and relax.

Movies are an inexpensive, easily accessible source of entertainment for just about anyone. There is online streaming, movie theaters, and even movies streamed through TV’s. There are hundreds of movie genres and styles to match your personality and mood. There is a wide range; documentaries, comedies, fantasies, horror and romances are all just one click away.

For me personally, I like all kinds of movies. Every genre is fascinating to me. The way that movies are produced and how each director has their own stylistic branding on a movie intrigues me. The way how some movies have more music to them and come out with a soundtrack to go along with them, promoting their featuring song on the top 10 lists. While other movies like “Manchester by the Sea” have very little music. Another thing that I love about movies is how different people can interpret them. Everyone has their own opinion and when placed upon a movie they can differ at a wide range. It is interesting to see what people take out from a movie and how that movie affects their life. Will the movie leave people to question things about themselves and their lives or leave them feeling entertained? I’m also enchanted by how movies can change a person’s mood, going from happy to sad to scared to feeling awkward.
Overall movies are the best invention in the world. You can watch them anywhere with the technology we have today, and you don’t even have to give your full attention to a movie, you can have it playing in the background for some background noise. From this point on, I ask you take the time to unwind and just watch a movie. It can not only take you on a trip to another world, but it can also be a good break away from your day. Who knows, maybe it can even help you destress.