Girls varsity basketball walks away with a win on senior night

Girls varsity basketball walks away with a win on senior night

During a tough, but successful battle against Ottawa Hills on Friday night, the varsity girls basketball team won 50-44 at FHC. Even though the game was full of intensity, there were sentimental elements. As seniors Paula Shields and Maddy Smith took the court for their last home game, they had many in the stands to support them.

Being a senior on senior night, the goal of the game is to get the job done. Showing support and compassion from all of their teammates, these two hard working seniors got the result they had hoped for.

“I think it was awesome to win on senior night at home,” said Paula, who showed intensity on defense during the game. “We worked really hard the entire game. It was nice for everyone to show their support.”

Maddy Smith, senior and captain of this team, came out with two strong three-point shots early. On Friday night, she helped the team in many ways. Her love and dedication for basketball has not only helped her on the court, but off as well.

“Always keep going at everything you do,” Maddy said. “You could be down by 30 points, but if you keep working you can always come back.”

Head Coach Kristina Prins has only been coaching FHC’s two seniors, and this team, for one season now. Prins thought that it was great to get a win on senior night and mentioned that Maddy and Paula have been great leaders of the team. The girls worked hard, but Prins thought that they could have played a little harder for the seniors during their last home game.

“Offensive turnovers was a weakness during the game,” Prins said. “Taking care of the ball is going to be vital in our upcoming games. Especially after beating Lowell and probably playing one of our best games. It’s definitely something we’ll work on.”

Only having one season with these seniors didn’t stop the team bonding. Prins has provided much support and encouragement for the seniors and the rest of the team.

“I have learned a lot from these seniors,” Prins said. “They are great girls and great leaders. I learned a lot about myself and how to motivate the girls. They are awesome. They push me just as hard as I push them.”

Sophomore Claire Baguley had a huge game on Friday night. She racked up 23 points, and has been keeping a consistent average throughout the season. Claire showed dominance yet again and pushed herself to the limit for the seniors.

“I am really happy for the seniors,” Claire said. “It’s really good going into districts with a win too. A lot of my motivation in the game was to win for the seniors, and we also had a chance to finish second in our conference with a win.”

Although the seniors are wrapping up their season, there are a couple of more games to come. Looking ahead, Paula is planning on attending Central Michigan University for graphic design, and Maddy is undecided but going to school for marketing. She is deciding between a couple schools in Michigan.

With a great outcome and great support, the girls got the job done just in time for districts.

“The seniors kept my head up this season,” Claire said. “It won’t be the same without them. They’re really nice and contributed so much to this team.”