The Head and The Heart provides an enlightening experience


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Monday night was a night to remember. It was full of dreams, energy, and emotions. Under the flourescent lights, people would sway to the beat of the music, and people from different walks of life would connect to others through their shared love of music. At 8 PM on Monday night, The Head and The Heart and Whitney would take the stage and perform for an unforgettable night of music.

Two hours before the start of the concert, my friends and I had raced to 20 Monroe Live, motivated by the prospect of a front row view. As we anxiously waited for the doors to finally open, our anticipation and excitement for the concert grew and grew until it was practically unbearably. Each and every one of us was itching to get into the venue and take our place under the bright lights. Once we were let in, I couldn’t help but sprint in my heeled boots down hallways and stairs to my awaiting spot in the front row. In awe of our sheer dumb luck, we giggled and prepared ourselves for the moment that we’d been waiting for.

Interestingly, the opening band, Whitney, managed to be both offbeat and remarkable. Their carefree vibe truly shone through their relaxed ambience and lively music. The sound was unique and intriguing with their numerous guitars being accented by the thump of drums, the chorus of voices, and a resounding trumpet. Although my familiarity with the band was lacking, the band’s performance introduced to genuine and new sound of music that I hadn’t explored much beforehand.

Soon after Whitney left and the 30-minute setup was finalized came the moment we had been waiting for. The room was pitch black, and the only thing illuminating the darkness was the outline of the album title, a bright pink flamingo, and scattered orbs of dim light. The Head and The Heart came out on stage, only to put on an outstanding performance and make my heart swell with love for their music.

At home, listening to music can be de-stressing and enjoyable, but nothing compares to hearing that same band live in person and up close. Live, the music becomes all the more real and magical. Among the throngs of people, I felt alive and free as I screamed the lyrics that I knew all too well and bounced to the beat. Even when songs were unrecognizable, everyone could still sway to the rhythm and close their eyes to experience the music to the fullest. The energy radiating off each enthusiastic band member brought a childish charm to the room, and it was evident to me, along with everyone in the audience, how passionate and amazingly talented The Head and The Heart is. 

By the end of the concert, I was both astounded and close to tears at the unbelievable and inspiring concert that I had just witnessed. Not a single soul could possibly have any feelings of disappointment during the fantastic, energetic concert. The Head and The Heart has the talented and wild spirit to put on amazing concerts, and I would gladly relive those few hours in a heartbeat.