The Memory of Light is a book that makes you think

The Memory of Light is a book that makes you think

If you walk into the library, there is book after book on depression, mental illness, and suicide. These books can have many different viewpoints, but they often have the same overhanging feeling of sorrow, which is not an aspect of books that I like. However, this book was different.

The Memory of Light is a book that genuinely reached out to me. It’s not my usual kind of book, but I’m thrilled to say I stepped out of my comfort zone and read this story. When I picked up the book and began to read the summary, I was nervous to actually read it, but one of my friends convinced me it would be worth it. By the end of chapter one, I knew she was right.

The book follows the story of Vicky Cruz, a high-school student who tried to commit suicide. She wakes up in Lakeview Hospital, which will be her home for the next two weeks.

Throughout her two weeks there, she meets Mona, Gabriel, and E.M. She goes through a lot in her time at Lakeview, struggling to try and deal with the issues that have been drowning her since the death of her mother.

I love this book because it’s very raw with its emotions. The story is not sugar coated and it gives some very relatable analogies for depression. It’s a great story for anyone going through challenges similar to Vicky’s, or for someone who is completely oblivious to the darker side of the mind.

I personally don’t struggle with depression any more than most teenagers, but I know people that do and reading this book really opened my eyes to the complexity of depression. Francisco X. Stork’s beautiful writing is enticing and helps the weight of the words you are reading be bearable.

When I flipping the book closed, I had to sit there for a moment to take in all that I had read. This book was a new experience for me in that it pushed me to think outside of myself. It gave me a new perspective on the world, one I wouldn’t trade for anything.