Make yourself happy


You should be the only one who controls your own happiness. You can be the only one who controls your own happiness.

There are always a few biting words– words that attack and destroy at the flaws that we are most sensitive to. Why do we let the words of others affect our day to day lives? Why do we allow these words to hurt us so much?

There has to be a way for each and every person to block out these hurtful words from others. There has to be a way to defend yourself against these words. There has to be a way to make yourself happy.

We should be the only ones able to control our own happiness. Blocking out unnecessary negativity from others in your life is as easy as blocking out the people in your life that create that negativity. However, eradicating negativity will not immediately lead to absolute happiness. If you take self-action and work towards happiness yourself, you might find you’ll reach before you ever thought you could.

The search for your own happiness requires a plan: a thought-out plan to reduce the impact of other opinions on your life and find what makes you happy. No one can simply wander aimlessly through life and expect to find happiness. There will always be challenges to face or the satisfaction of achievement that will elude us. While planning, we must keep in mind what our greatest needs are and what kind of happiness it is that we actually seek.

Those who are successful in their search for happiness know exactly what they want to achieve before they begin to achieve it. A target chosen should always be within the bounds of reality. Many get nowhere in terms of finding their happiness, simply because they do not know where to start. Choose a source that you know will make you happy, whether it be finding the perfect friends, picking up a new hobby, or becoming closer to family.

There is no way to buy your own happiness. There is no ticket you can buy or website you can find that will create it for you. But finding your own happiness doesn’t have to be difficult. Removing people from your life that hinder your content and working towards your path to joy are two easy ways to achieve happiness. It really doesn’t have to be hard: you can make yourself happy.